Accelerating the Movement to Mobile-First DeFi


The transcript captures a conversation between Gloria from Get Coin, Ian from Ube Swap, and Patrick from Mula. They discuss various topics related to decentralized finance (DeFi) and provide information on their respective projects. The session aims to educate and engage participants, with a focus on mobile accessibility and the benefits of using the Celo network.

Workshop Information and Resources

  • The workshop is being recorded and can be found on the Get Coin YouTube channel for later reference.
  • Questions can be asked in the chat or Q&A section, and the speakers will respond to them.
  • Participants are encouraged to join the Celo Discord channel for additional content and support.
  • Ube Swap also has a Discord channel for further engagement.

Introducing Patrick and Mula

  • Patrick introduces himself as the founder of Mula, a project building algorithmic money markets on the Celo network.
  • Mula allows Celo owners to earn compound interest using CUSD and the Celo native asset.
  • Patrick is also involved with running a validator group on the network and is a steward of the Celo Community Fund.

Exploring Mula and Its Features

  • Patrick provides a demo of Mula, showcasing its browser-based interface and mobile accessibility.
  • Users can easily initiate deposits, withdrawals, and borrow transactions with low transaction fees.
  • Mula aims to provide accessibility to a broader user base and offer cost-effective financial services compared to traditional money markets.
  • Users can take loans, repay debts, and monitor health factors to manage their positions effectively.
  • The project also offers potential use cases such as redirecting interest payments to charities.

Introducing Ian and Ube Swap

  • Ian presents Ube Swap as a decentralized exchange built on the Celo network.
  • Ube Swap focuses on mobile-friendly DeFi solutions, allowing users to trade and engage in finance on the go.
  • The exchange offers fast and low-cost transactions, making it convenient for users to participate in the Celo ecosystem.
  • Ian shares a graph depicting the growth of yield farming on DeFi platforms and highlights the need for mobile accessibility in financial markets.

Potential Integration and Future Developments

  • Ian expresses interest in integrating Ube Swap with Mula in the future to enhance the token ecosystem.
  • He suggests the creation of pools with Mula tokens on Ube Swap, encouraging the development of diverse projects.
  • Both speakers discuss the potential of collaborative projects and emphasize the need for a mobile-friendly approach to empower individuals in various countries.
  • They highlight the importance of education and financial literacy in driving adoption and changing people’s perspectives on money.

Q&A Session and Closing Thoughts

  • The session concludes with a Q&A session, where the speakers address questions from participants.
  • Patrick discusses Mula’s transaction fees, interest rates, and the possibility of introducing governance mechanisms.
  • Ian encourages projects building on Celo to reach out to Ube Swap for collaboration and token integration.
  • The speakers express excitement about the ongoing hackathon and the potential for innovative projects to emerge.
  • Closing remarks are made, thanking the participants and providing additional resources.