Alberto Martin, Head of Product at cLabs, talks about Celo’s mission at Celo Connect


In this video, we will explore Alberto Martin’s speech at Celo Connect where he discusses the mission of Celo, a blockchain-based platform. Alberto Martin, the Head of Product at cLabs, shares his insights on the importance of Celo’s ecosystem in promoting financial inclusion and improving user experiences in the web 3 world. He highlights the need to democratize access to financial tools and empower individuals with greater control over their wealth.


Alberto Martin introduces himself as the Head of Product at cLabs, a company that focuses on the development of the Celo ecosystem. Prior to joining cLabs, Alberto worked in web 2 companies like Google. He emphasizes his decision to work on the Celo ecosystem as a means to bring about positive change in local communities and address climate issues.

Enhancing User Experiences

Alberto Martin discusses the importance of providing better user experiences in the web 3 world. He acknowledges that many individuals are interested in entering the cryptocurrency space but face challenges due to complex interfaces and unfamiliar user interfaces (UIs). Celo aims to bridge this gap by creating user-friendly interfaces that enable easier interaction with blockchain technology.

Prosperity for All

One of the key objectives of Celo is to promote prosperity for all, not just a select few. Alberto Martin notes that in traditional finance and crypto, there is a concentration of wealth among a small group of individuals referred to as “whales.” Celo’s mission is to break this pattern and ensure that financial tools, such as high-interest yields and derivative stock markets, are accessible to a larger population, regardless of their socioeconomic status or banking privileges.

Democratizing Financial Tools

The speech highlights the importance of democratizing financial tools through blockchain technology. Alberto Martin emphasizes that individuals should have the same opportunities as the wealthy when it comes to accessing and utilizing financial instruments. With Celo, even those without traditional banking services can enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) and participate in activities such as yield farming and entering the derivative stock markets.

Crypto’s Empowering Potential

Alberto Martin concludes by expressing the empowering potential of cryptocurrencies like Celo. He highlights how crypto opens doors to opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible to many. By leveraging blockchain technology, individuals can gain control over their financial decisions, access higher returns on investments, and participate in markets that were previously exclusive.


Alberto Martin’s speech at Celo Connect sheds light on Celo’s mission to promote financial inclusion and improve user experiences in the web 3 world. The tutorial covered the key points, including Alberto’s background, the focus on enhancing user experiences, the goal of prosperity for all, the democratization of financial tools, and the empowering potential of crypto. Celo’s efforts align with the vision of creating a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem for everyone.