All Things Wallets


Alex, the CTO of Stake Wallet, provides an overview of the wallet space and introduces Stake Wallet as a solution. He emphasizes the importance of wallets as the focal point of web3 interaction and highlights the increasing dominance of proof of stake (PoS) blockchains and the multi-chain future. Additionally, he emphasizes the significance of mobile devices in web3 adoption.

The Rise of Proof of Stake

Alex discusses the shift towards PoS blockchains, with 25% of the top 100 coins by market cap being PoS tokens. He explains that staking has become essential to avoid losing value due to inflation. Alex predicts a future where token staking is the first step for users entering a network, and he notes the rapid growth of PoS market capitalization.

The Multi-Chain World

The video acknowledges Ethereum’s dominance in total value locked (TVL) but also highlights the emergence of other blockchain networks. Alex mentions the pain points of having multiple wallets for different networks and states that Stake Wallet aims to address this issue. The increasing number of blockchain networks and their TVL growth demonstrate the need for a solution like Stake Wallet.

Mobile Adoption in Web3

Alex emphasizes the significance of mobile devices in web3 adoption. He asserts that mobile has already won the battle in web2 and will continue to dominate in web3. Stake Wallet aims to cater to the billions of users who solely use mobile devices and are less concerned about the specific blockchain their assets are on.

Staking Integrations in Stake Wallet

Stake Wallet’s name originates from its initial focus on integrating staking opportunities. Alex highlights the natural synergy between web3 usage and staking, offering users the opportunity to earn yield through their holdings. Stake Wallet aims to curate a selection of early staking opportunities, providing users with easy access.

Seamless Wallet Migration

The video acknowledges that moving wallets can be a significant barrier for users. Stake Wallet addresses this issue by allowing users to import their existing wallets, such as MetaMask, without the need to transfer assets across various chains. This feature eliminates the potentially high costs associated with transferring assets on different chains.

Integration with Valora and Future Plans

Jean, an engineer from Valora, takes the stage to discuss integrating with Valora wallet. He highlights the ability to pre-fill transaction details, showcases the expanding list of dApps integrated with Valora, and demonstrates the transaction feed feature. The integration with Valora allows for a seamless user experience within the Celo ecosystem.

Integration Story of Ledger and Celo

Fabrice from Ledger discusses the integration between Ledger and Celo, starting with the compatibility of the Celo Wallet app. He emphasizes the importance of security and highlights Ledger’s commitment to providing a secure hardware solution for interacting with web3. Fabrice also introduces the upcoming product, Nano S Plus, and emphasizes the need for easy user experience and security.

Conclusion and Q&A

The video concludes with a discussion of various topics during a Q&A session. The speakers address the challenges of interacting with different smart contracts and express the need for standardized methods and self-describing functions. They also discuss the potential for decentralized push notification services and the importance of user-friendly labeling and organization of transactions.