An Update On Community Communication & Contribution Guidelines for the Celo Academy


As our community continues to evolve, we seek to cultivate an environment of growth, integrity, and mutual respect. We highly value each member’s ideas and contributions and want to ensure that the communication within our community aligns with our shared vision.

Communication & Voting Guidelines

Active participation is encouraged, but it’s essential that this doesn’t tip over into spam or disruptive behaviors. When sharing your tutorial proposals or other ideas, present them engagingly, insightfully, and respectfully. Excessive solicitation or overt promotion should be limited. Please remember that such activities can affect others’ experiences and that breaking these guidelines may result in warnings or even a ban.

Reach beyond our immediate group to share your proposals with the broader community. Their perspectives can provide valuable insights and help identify shared interests, leading to focus groups that can undertake larger educational initiatives within our community.

Expanded Contribution Opportunities

While creating tutorials is a critical aspect of contributing to the Celo Developer Academy, there are several other ways to add value to our community:

  • Lead or participate in discussion forums on relevant topics.
  • Contribute to code repositories with improvements or bug fixes.
  • Test and provide constructive feedback on others’ projects.
  • Organize or speak at Celo-related events.
  • Support our ecosystem with education and dApp development needs.

All of these activities contribute to our collective growth and the richness of our community. As leaders in the community, it’s important to start discussions on these topics in a way that allows us to constructively build opportunities for ourselves and the broader Celo community.

Finding Support

Our community is always here to support you. Feel free to reach out if you need assistance or want to report behavior that goes against our community guidelines.

As we evolve, we’re not only committed to solving issues but also to unlocking new opportunities for everyone. Let’s use our diversity and shared commitment to make the Celo Developer Academy an engaging, educational, and empowering space for all.

Your thoughts, suggestions, and active participation are most welcome. We encourage open and respectful discussions in the Celo Discord #celo-sage channel and Celo Academy Discussions.

Let’s continue to learn, grow, and innovate together in this fantastic journey with Celo.

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