Announcing This Week's Top Proposals and Celebrating this Week's Leading Contributors | 06/01/23

Hello Celo Academy Community,

We’re thrilled to present this week’s top voted proposals! Your input and innovation continually enrich our collaborative learning space. So, let’s unveil the 15 topics that most inspired your enthusiasm this week, and which will soon be developed into full tutorials and guides.

Check out how we select our top proposals here.

This Week’s Top 15 Proposals

Building a Yield Optimizer on Celo: A Hands-On Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Strategies
Proposed by Elijah007, this topic promises to provide an advanced guide on building yield optimizers on Celo within the DeFi space. This proposal won 32 votes.

An In-Depth Look into Fixed-Rate and Flexible Rate Staking Contracts On Celo
Kinyichukwu’s proposal, which delves into fixed-rate and flexible rate staking contracts on Celo, secured 26 votes.

Implementing a Time-locked Contract on Celo: A Practical Guide to Creating Smart Contract for Transferring Assets to Next of Kin
EmiriDbest proposed a practical guide on creating time-locked contracts for asset transfers on Celo. This idea also gathered 26 votes.

Integrating Celo’s decentralized payment system with Flutter
Johnigwe’s forthcoming tutorial on integrating Celo with Flutter for decentralized mobile payment systems gained 24 votes.

A decentralized crowdfunding platform that connects project creators with backers without intermediaries on celo
Thompsonogoyi1t’s proposal for a tutorial on creating a decentralized crowdfunding platform on Celo amassed 24 votes.

Building a Decentralized Fundraiser on the Celo blockchain Part 1
Danielogbuti proposed a guide on building a decentralized fundraising dApp on Celo. This idea gained 23 votes.

Mobile-First with Celo: Integrating Smart Contracts with Mobile Apps
SasaniEldis proposed to demonstrate the integration of Celo’s smart contracts with mobile apps. This secured 23 votes.

Building a Decentralized Music Streaming Service on Celo
Lanacreates proposed a guide to building a decentralized music streaming service on Celo, which secured 21 votes.

Creating a Flutter App for a Celo-Based Decentralized Identity Verification System
Qtech’s proposal on creating a Flutter app for a Celo-based decentralized identity verification system also garnered 21 votes.

Optimizing Transaction Efficiency in Celo Mobile Wallet: Exploring Advanced Techniques for Lightning-Fast Transactions
Clue’s suggestion to explore transaction efficiency in Celo’s mobile wallet received 20 votes.

How to build a Simple Waste Marketplace on Celo blockchain - Part 1
Jorshimayor’s idea to build a waste marketplace on Celo blockchain collected 19 votes.

Building a Farm-to-Table Tracking Solution on Celo Blockchain Using JavaScript, Solidity, and Hardhat (Part 1)
Joel proposed a tutorial on building a farm-to-table tracking solution on the Celo blockchain, winning 18 votes.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) on Celo with Python
Divinef837’s proposal for a tutorial on creating DAOs on Celo with Python also secured 18 votes.

Leveraging Celo’s Identity Infrastructure
Encrypted’s proposal on leveraging Celo’s identity infrastructure amassed 18 votes.

Using ABI Encoding to Optimize Smart Contracts
Southpaw proposed a tutorial on optimizing smart contracts using ABI encoding, which garnered 17 votes.

We’re thrilled by the diversity of these proposals and the rich insights they promise to bring to our community. Get ready to dive deeper into the Celo universe!

This Weeks Leading Contributors

We would also like to highlight this week’s most prolific contributors from our leaderboard, Bobelr, Phenzic, and 4undRaiser. In recognition of their tireless efforts to drive community engagement, they can now choose a topic from their proposals to be developed into a full tutorial. Please tag @CeloAcademy with a link to this post on any of your proposals you’d like to get started! We deeply appreciate your contributions, Bobelr, Phenzic, and 4undraiser!

Thanks for your Support

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors who have consistently shown their support to the Celo Academy. This week’s leading proposals and contributors epitomize the dedication that lies at the heart of our community. Their tireless enthusiasm, imaginative creativity, and thoughtful innovation remain a testament to our mission while fostering a vibrant and inclusive community spirit. We can’t wait to see what you create next! :mortar_board: :seedling:

All the best,
Joe Nyzio
Developer Relations at Celo Foundation


The high point of this week is granting top contributors opportunity to work on proposals for their efforts. Nice one @Celo_Academy


Nice I’m loving the added feature already :clinking_glasses:
This should drive the community to make more contribution


This is a community with high diversity and appetite for value-driven contents. We are loving it already. It’s always been interesting over here @Celo_Academy

Congrats to @Phenzic and @4undRaiser. You guys rock. Shout out to the authors of the approved proposals.