Announcing This Week's Top Voted Proposals at Celo Academy | 06/15/2023

Hello Celo Academy Community!

As we step into a new week full of exciting opportunities, we’re thrilled to highlight the most voted proposals from our vibrant community of learners and innovators. Your participation and constant innovation continues to enrich our shared learning space.

We have another tie this week, which means we’re featuring more than our usual number of top proposals - 16 total! These proposals have caught your attention and inspired your excitement. They will soon be transformed into in-depth tutorials and guides for everyone to benefit from.

Check out our selection process for top proposals here along with our technical guidelines and community guidelines used to ensure a high quality learning experience for every Celo developer.

This Week’s Top Proposals

We continue to be inspired by the inventive ideas and commitment to knowledge sharing within our community.

This Week’s Leading Contributors

A huge shout out to our top contributors this week from our leaderboard:

Your ongoing commitment and engagement have been incredibly beneficial to the Celo Academy community. As a token of appreciation for your remarkable efforts, you are now eligible to choose a topic from your proposals to be developed into a full tutorial. Please tag @CeloAcademy with a link to this post on any of your proposals you’d like to get started on! Your contributions mean a lot to us.

A Big Thank You

We extend our sincere gratitude to each one of you for being an integral part of our learning community. Your active participation and the wealth of ideas shared is what makes us thrive. We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you bring to the table next week! Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials based on these brilliant proposals.

Keep learning, keep sharing, and let’s continue growing together.

Best wishes,

Joe Nyzio
Developer Relations at Celo Foundation


We are committed to supporting the growth of the Celo ecosystem through the Celo Academy initiative, and lending our relentless services.

A huge thanks to @Celo_Academy and the team.

Shoutout to the top guys

:point_right: @Samuel_Okoro
:point_right: @Encrypted

Also, to others who are contributing immensely in the community, thumbs up :+1:


Thank you for this opportunity and a big shout out to Celo for providing this platform where we can learn and also give value in return ! A big thank you to the team at the academy also for their relentless effort in making sure Celo Academy grows to its full potential.


Thank you brother ! Keep up the good work.