Automating Smart Contracts with OpenZeppelin Defender on Celo

Automating Smart Contracts with OpenZeppelin Defender on Celo
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This tutorial introduces developers to automating smart contracts using OpenZeppelin Defender - a powerful, secure smart contract management platform. As smart contracts cannot self-trigger, automation becomes essential for efficient operation. By leveraging OpenZeppelin Defender’s capabilities, you’ll learn how to schedule and automate tasks securely and reliably, streamlining your smart contract’s performance and enhancing the overall user experience within the decentralized ecosystem on Celo Blockchain.


  1. Basic Knowledge of Javascript
  2. Familiarity with Solidity Smart Contracts


Video URL


  1. Github Gist - Token Contract Code
  2. Celo Alfajores
  3. CeloScan Alfajores Explorer
  4. Celo Faucet


This tutorial is a great resource for anyone looking to automate their smart contracts on the Celo network using OpenZeppelin Defender.


Oyeniyi Abiola Peace is a seasoned software and blockchain developer. With a degree in Telecommunication Science from the University of Ilorin and over five years of experience in JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Solidity, he is no stranger to the tech industry. Peace currently works as the CTO at DFMLab and is a Community Moderator at Celo Blockchain. When he’s not coding or teaching, he loves to read and spend time with family and friends.


Love the video, insightful.


This tutorial video highlights the importance of automation in the decentralized ecosystem and showcases how OpenZeppelin Defender simplifies the process while ensuring security and reliability. Good work bro!

Legit wanted to submit a proposal for this tutorial when i came across this turorial from the academy suggestions, really nice. However @Celo_Academy i wuld like to know if i still publish a written version of this?

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