Build a NFT Auction Platform

The idea is to build a full-stack NFT auction platform that allows any user to put their NFT up for auction. Bidders can bid using cUSD tokens.

This dapp will be able to handle multiple auctions at the same time.

The auction on the platform will be an English auction. How the auction will work:

  • Person puts NFT on auction
  • Auction will go on for a week
  • People can place a bid in that time period
    If someone tries to enter their bid in the last 3 minutes, then the end of the auction will be pushed up by another day, allowing others to bid again.
  • If someone bids and there are no more bids in last 3 minutes auction will end and the NFT will be sold

What will be covered in this pathway -

  • Writing Smart Contract
  • Unit testing smart contract
  • Deploying the smart contract
  • Building web app for the smart contract

Things learner will learn in this pathway -

  • Usage of ERC 721 interface to interact with any ERC 721 token
  • Usage of ERC 20 interface to set allowance and transfer ERC 20 tokens
  • Hardhat
  • How to unit test using hardhat
  • Usage of react, ethers and react-celo in the web app
    Solidity, Hardhat, React, Ethers, React-Celo

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