Build eat-the-block game using Celo on-chain randomness and subgraph part 1

Building decentralized applications has been greatly simplified with the coming of the Celo platform.
A lot has happened and still happening. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from experienced developers
and creative developers like @Phenzic @yafiabiyyu @4undRaiser @ishan.pathak2711 @thompsonogoyi1t @EmiriDbest and the rest I can’t mention all of them here. Even a few of the posts by @Celo_Academy I’ve read are quite inspiring.

I’m a fan of quality content hence I go the extra mile to create one.

What am I proposing?

I’d like to build a game called EAT-THE-BLOCK with rounds of draw allowing several players to connect to it at each round of the game. These players simply bet against curiosity. Just like Alice and Bob revealing their hands after the draw has ended but the difference here is that multiple players chase after one another. A player can bet against as many other players provided they have what it takes to leverage the cost. I plan to make this a complete dApp development series that will be in four (4) parts:

  • Smart contracts implementation
  • Testing and analyzing the contracts using at least two security tools. That way, we can minimize risks.
  • Backend and Indexing using subgraph
  • Frontend with a demo to interact with the application


I bumped into a tutorial by @yafiabiyyu here. It was really inspiring to me because it talks about an important topic on the Celo blockchain - On-chain randomness. Before now, I wasn’t aware of this. I had been using external oracles to relay random values to my contracts. But knowing that this exists on Celo, it’s a great opportunity to leverage simplicity with security considering the risks involved in using oracles especially when it is just one.

My goal for the readers

  • Giving you a comprehensive understanding and guides on what randomness entails.
  • The complexities, differences, and possible risks of using randomness other than Celo’s
  • More advanced smart contract implementation
  • Gain experience working with subgraph and building frontend for your contracts
  • Learning to build simple games on the Celo networks.
  • Build the needed confidence


To build this part, we will use smart contract toolings such as:

  • Hardhat or Foundry

As a game lover myself I would love to see the implementation. :tada:


A nice article i must say. Gave it my support and i look forward to the outcome.


Cant wait to see the implementation!:grin:


hi @bobelr I am excited about this proposal, I really cant wait to see the implementation

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Thank you brother. Thumbs up :+1: