Build In Public - Tips for Making an Impact

Build In Public - Tips for Making an Impact
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Build in public:-In this article, we will understand the potential of your brand image.

Everyone works hard and has the best potential to do big in their respective fields, Here we will be discussing the coding field, everyone in the field is almost doing the same thing, for example, coding and making products that can help mankind, but not everyone can make an impact, or everyone is not successful to leave an imprint of their work, So we will be discussing how you can achieve that, How you can have your presence impactful in this world, and everyone must know because who will market you if you won’t, so rather than a good option nowadays it is a necessity, as the competition is increasing day by day.


Thoughts can differ, We may have different opinions, but what’s stated in this article is written after combining thoughts of the minds around me and according to my understanding.


You should know some basic workings of social media which are relevant to your field, In this article, we will be focusing on the field around Web3 and computers, and for that, you must know the basics of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Don’t worry if you don’t know; I will be helping you with that too.


Sit with a note and pen, there are some points that you can write down and practice every day, which will make your journey of building in public smooth. This is not a random article, so read it when you are fully attentive. This article can help you in unimaginable ways.

Unleashing the potential of personal branding

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

The above question has hidden potential for your skill in a very playful manner; what it means is that if you are working and there is a lack of your presence in the field, are you utilizing your potential, the people around you in the field are not even aware of your existence so no matter what how better a coder you are or how better your product is if people don’t know about it, just like a tree falling in the forest and no one is there to hear it, There will be no impact even when you have worked hard. So it’s not only important but in today’s scenario it is a compulsion.

I am not shouting at you for not having a brand, many of them don’t have one, I wrote the above section with a little bit of force, as even I was not practicing it even after knowing all the benefits and necessities, it was a force from someone which made me get into personal branding, So now I want to be that someone for you folks out there.

Ok, so let’s know what is the meaning of building in public

Building in public means making yourself a brand or personal branding.

It is a way in which you present yourself to the world and the way the world sees you and their perspective of you and your work. The way they will remember you, it’s a summation of skills, values, and experience and the way you influence people around you.

Kickstarting your build in the public journey

Now you know what building in public means, and why it is a necessity also, so now let’s start working on your journey this article will be helping to make your roadmap, as everyone has a different way of working and presenting, So rather than a specific roadmap, this article will help you to make your roadmap and also how to implement each step, and working towards making your brand stand out and be unique in the crowd.

As I mentioned earlier I will be focusing on the Web3 and computing world, so for that, the social media suggested by most people and by me too are Twitter and LinkedIn.

So step one makes your account on both of the platforms, and If you have a Twitter account which is a personal one, I would like to suggest you keep your personal and professional accounts different.

After making an account, follow the one who inspires you the most in the field, scan their account, try to understand their perspective, and understand why you like them, then you will be clear why in the first place, they inspired you and how they were able to reach you and inspire you, Most probably your inspiration will be someone famous, so most probably you were introduced to them because of their work and the way they represent themselves or their work, Now try to COPY THEM, you must be having thoughts like “Why the heck he is telling me to copy someone else?” I will answer that. Everyone is unique, so you want to be able to copy them if it would have been possible exactly, everyone would have copied them or their way, and also everyone would be successful, but it is not possible when you are in your initial stage, and you try to copy them you will find your UNIQUE WAY to present yourself to the world and also the way which only you know that how it will help you to make yourself a brand and also, after trying to copy them you will learn the way and will discover the power of ALGORITHM which everyone is trying to know and crack.


What is an algorithm, and how you can use it in a manner which will help to get more attention on your social profile? What are the advantages of that attention and a specific kind of audience which can help you in many ways which you don’t even know of?

The algorithm is the word that many social media users use, and this is mostly used or needs to be understood by the one who is getting any advantage by using the social media, like any Influencer who is there to increase their face value and so more, like us developers use to get more attention for the projects and skills which we have to offer to the world.

Now, this ALGORITHM can be a different topic on which we can discuss, but I won’t be wasting much of your time, so I would not be going to the technical part of the ALGORITHM, basically to make sure that your content is making its way in the other feed this is most probably dependent on the ALGORITHM of the apps which makes it possible and there are ways which you can use to make sure that you are out there and most importantly, people are noticing you.

I am providing some steps which have helped me, and I have seen that in the past it has helped many

  1. Consistency- Make sure you are consistent, tweeting constantly and posting on LinkedIn, For 50 days, I tweeted every day, and it made ALGORITHM help me to reach more profiles, and also I was noticed every day because of that.

  2. Replying/Commenting- Make sure to comment on other people’s posts because, most probably, on which you will be commenting that account will have followers who can also be interested in your profile, and that is how they will know about your profile, and that’s how your network grows.

  3. Relatability-Try to bring relatability to your content,

make it as other people can also relate to what you are

saying, so in that manner, you will have more audience


The above-mentioned things I am sure that will help you.

The Aftermath:-

Now, at this point, we are aware of the topics like what is built in public and the algorithm, now we will know that after you have a community which ways it will help you?

Now you will have a community around you, your work, your skills, and your projects; they will also be involved in your work, they can be very helpful whenever you need help and whenever they will be able to help you, and they also will be giving you feedback which helps you have self-check and also you can improve your product and this will also help to improve your skills and make yourself more efficient in your field.

By staying in the network, you will learn very much from others and from others’ experiences which they share, and this kind of thing helps us very much to gather the knowledge which no course will give you, as you get first-hand experience.

It will help to bring transparency in your workflow, which will give behind the scenes about yourself and your project or product, which helps to gain the trust of others as you are updating them about every small thing, so due to this they know the process, and they will be aware of that product was made, so the audience will tend to give their, attention and also trust, and things like these are only possible because of the BUILD IN PUBLIC approach.

In this manner, you are also kind of documenting your journey, which helps to track your journey, too, and also others can get help from that, you don’t even would know that someone is getting inspired by seeing your dedication and progression.

Share everything, not only your success but also your failures, because everyone faces failure, so no need to shy and run away from that, by sharing your failures too, people will build confidence in you as everyone would be able to relate, as mentioned earlier everyone fails. So make sure you are transparent.

Accountability-It brings accountability you tend to procrastinate less when you have accountability, so this is how your workflow will also improve, it will help you to grow personally as it will challenge you almost every day, and you will be amazed by seeing how helping the community around you is.

By this, you will autonomously market your product, and it will help you to create excitement and hype around your product.

It will give you collaboration opportunities. I have seen many of them finding a team or team member on social platforms like this; I have also seen many of them getting hired on Twitter or getting information about hiring and things like this which can help you at an unexpected time and also in an unexpected way.

As consistent your online presence will be, it will help you to connect to them offline also as they will be comfortable to connect to you and to build a network around or with you, so you don’t have to worry about the ice breaking moment.

And yeah, the most important one is, Be authentic, don’t try to show off or something like that, because the audience will easily catch you if your lie and your reputation will be harmed, which will affect you badly, so never do any malpractice, there are no shortcuts here.

Keep in mind:-

  • Don’t copy-paste someone’s tweet

  • Copying someone is not the only way, but one of the ways

  • Try to create original content on your learnings

Make sure to use hashtags - this will help you to reach more accounts that may be interested in the topic which you are talking about.

Twitter and LinkedIn as mentioned, are the most apps that you should use consistently to BUILD IN PUBLIC, but if you are interested in that and you like doing this stuff, there are other platforms too where you can try it out.

Blogging:- You can start documenting your journey in the form of blogging because in the blog you can have a deeper connection with the audience than the tweets or the post, so blogging will also increase your confidence in yourself and in the audience about you.

Youtube:- You can then go in the video form for your content if you are comfortable in creating content, it will help you to interact with the audience in a much easier manner as the audience also like to have the face for the content and this how they will build trust in you and this how videos can help you grow.

Now according to me, this article has covered every part of the building in public, the concept, the need, and the steps using all these. I hope that every one of you would be able to make your ROAD MAP, and it may help you to increase productivity and also help you in every manner possible.


“The best part of BUILD IN PUBLIC is that I can stop relying on my brain”-Kevon Cheung

What it means is that many times you have many ideas to work on or to discuss, and many times you are influenced and biased towards your idea so much that if you don’t validate it may be a problem in the future, so this will help to validate your ideas and your workflow, as the audience is generous to help you in the journey.

You won’t always be overthinking, as it will help you to filter most things.

Next steps

You dive into the space, make a Twitter account search for the folks around which you know that are active in the space, throwing some links towards you, you can start with

CeloOrg -

EthGlobal -

devfolio -

If you learn any technologies search for the docs, it will be helpful and keep on building projects, and for technical blogs,

Biased towards this -

Other sources where you will find good articles are (and I read)

Make sure to have a strong portfolio, keep adding your projects,keep everything neat on the GitHub

About the author

I am Ishan Pathak, I am a Frontend Developer, I am a UI/UX designer, I am still in college and also maintaining a community of my own to help all the students around me

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Linkedln -


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