Building a Community Cleanup Program on the Celo Blockchain Using Javascript, Solidity, and hardhat

In this tutorial, you will embark on a remarkable journey to build a Community Cleanup Program using the Celo Blockchain.

Your tools? Javascript, Solidity, and Hardhat.

First, you will learn how to create, deploy, and manage smart contracts on the Celo blockchain, harnessing the power of Solidity.

In the following section, you’ll delve into Javascript, learning how to interact with the blockchain using this versatile language. You’ll understand how to create scripts that interact with your smart contracts, fetching data, and triggering transactions.

Furthermore, you’ll explore the robust Hardhat development environment. You will understand how to set up a Hardhat project, compile your contracts, and run a local Celo node for testing purposes. You’ll also master the art of troubleshooting with Hardhat’s built-in console.log functionality.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have created a fully functional Community Cleanup Program on the Celo Blockchain.

This system will allow community members to participate in cleanup activities, verify tasks, and earn rewards. This hands-on experience will give you the confidence and skills to develop your own projects using Javascript, Solidity, and Hardhat on the Celo Blockchain.


I await to see the implementation. Interesting idea.


very interesting idea

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