Building a Decentralized Book Exchange DApp on Celo Blockchain: A Comprehensive Guide

In this tutorial, I’ll create a Book Exchange Dapp that will include a platform for book lovers to trade or lend their books to others, promoting a sharing economy within the reading community. Building a decentralized book exchange dApp on the Celo blockchain opens up new horizons for the world of literature. By following this comprehensive guide, individuals can create a platform that facilitates seamless book exchanges, promotes a sharing culture, and fosters an interactive reading community. Join the revolution and build a platform that revolutionizes the way books are exchanged, shared, and paid for.


  • React-Celo
  • Celo ContractKit
  • Solidity + Web3js
  • Remix EVN
  • Node.js version 10 or higher
  • MetaMask Wallet

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