Building a decentralized event booking system on celo

In this tutorial, users will be able to book events on the celo blockchain. We would guide you through the basics of building with celo and also how to create and book events on the celo blockchain. Once an event is booked, it would have an expiry time where the event expires and cannot be sold or booked any longer. In this dapp a time of 2 minutes for demonstration purposes but it can be more versatile and extend to days and even weeks

solidity, remix, datetime, react, react-celo


I think this will do well, and you have my vote. Looking forward to more of your projects here.

What exactly do we expect from this?

  • A smart contract, or
  • A contract plus testing, or
  • A full-blown dapp comprising:
    • Smart contracts,
    • Testing
    • backend and frontend to interact with it?