Building a Decentralized Exchange on CELO, leveraging Chainlink Pricefeed Oracle


In this tutorial, we review the mechanism of a decentralized exchange, introduce the concept of oracles as the bridge between data sources in the real world to on-chain applications, how they enable for building decentralized application with trusted and sybil resistant data, and then walkthrough a step by step basis on building a simple DEX on the CELO blockchain by leveraging the Chainlink’s Price feed oracle aggregator.


  1. Familiarity with smart contracts and basic blockchain terminology.
  2. Familiarity with solidity programming language.
  3. Moderate experience with using Decentralized applications.


On completing this tutorial, the reader would be familiar on the merits of oracles in decentralized applications, and also gain valuable skills with chainlink’s price feed oracle integration in smart contract development on CELO and get more familiar with some of the available toolings specific for building Dapps on CELO blockchain.

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Wow…you beat me to this when i slept off…i have deleted the proposal i just put up.
Apologies for the mix up.
I await your implementation sir.


You don’t have to delete it. The foundation is picking 3 best proposals. I had made mine long ago when Trello was still in use.