Building a Decentralized Marketplace on Celo with Flutter and Celo Composer: A Comprehensive Tutorial (PART 1)

Part 1 of this tutorial initiates your journey into developing a decentralized marketplace using Celo, Celo Composer, and Flutter. We’ll start with an overview of decentralized marketplaces and the role of blockchain, focusing on the unique features and benefits of the Celo network. After getting acquainted with the Celo Composer tool, we’ll immerse ourselves in the hands-on process of designing, coding, and testing smart contracts using Solidity. These digital contracts will form the backbone of our marketplace, dictating the rules of trade and transactions.

Subsequently, we’ll learn how to effectively deploy these smart contracts to the Celo network using Hardhat, a popular Ethereum development environment compatible with Celo. By the end of Part 1, you will have a functioning set of smart contracts deployed on the Celo blockchain, setting the stage for us to build the user interface in Part 2.


A great proposal. I would love to see a mobile market place DApp being built on Celo.


Thank you sir @EmiriDbest