Building a Decentralized Property Marketplace on Celo with ERC20 Tokens

This tutorial guides you through the process of building a decentralized property marketplace on the Celo blockchain. By examining the provided codebase, you will gain a deep understanding of the smart contracts involved and learn how to create a secure and transparent marketplace for property investments. Key topics covered include:

  • Smart Contract Architecture: Explore the ERC20 contract and understand their roles in facilitating property transactions.
  • Property Creation and Management: Learn how to create properties with labels, stock data, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and understand the concept of property shares represented by ERC20 tokens.
  • Property Pricing and Updates: Set initial property prices, manage price and share updates, and explore the restrictions and conditions for modifying property details.
  • Property Sale and Purchase: Discover the process of buying property shares using ERC20 tokens and learn about mechanisms preventing sales of sold-out or cancelled properties.
  • Interacting with ERC20 Tokens: Gain insights into working with ERC20 tokens, including checking allowances, obtaining token addresses, and transferring tokens between addresses within the marketplace.

I appreciate the comprehensive approach you’ve taken in your proposal, addressing both foundational and advanced concepts in a coherent and accessible manner.

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