Building the Future of Blockchain Education: Celo Academy's Proposal for the Web3 Educators Guild


Celo Academy is embarking on an exciting initiative to create the Web3 Educators Guild, a network of experts and organizations dedicated to democratizing blockchain education. Our strategy involves establishing partnerships with stakeholders aligned with our vision.


In the dynamic world of blockchain, there is an urgent need for competent educators who can pave the way for the next generation of Web3 innovators. The Web3 Educators Guild aims to address this need by building a robust and dedicated network of blockchain educators.

Partnership Strategy

Celo Academy is seeking partnerships with blockchain-centric entities, developers, leading universities with blockchain courses, and companies building on Web3 protocols. The alliance aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources and create a thriving ecosystem of blockchain education.


By partnering with the Web3 Educators Guild, stakeholders will gain access to an extensive pool of aspiring blockchain professionals, share their expertise with a global audience, and influence the future of blockchain education. In return, the Guild will benefit from the diversity of knowledge, increased user growth, enriched curriculum, and improved visibility in the blockchain community.

Risk Management

We acknowledge potential risks such as misalignment of values and misuse of the platform. Our mitigation plan involves a rigorous partner vetting process, effective onboarding, and moderation strategies. We will also provide structured guidelines to ensure a cohesive learning experience.

Timelines and Deliverables

Upon receiving your endorsement, we aim to initiate partner outreach and finalise the first round of partnerships within the next two quarters. We expect to see an increase in user enrollment, improved curriculum, and a stronger brand presence following these collaborations.

Next Steps

We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor. Let’s shape the future of blockchain education together.

Contact Information

Please contact the Developer Relations team at Celo Academy for further queries or discussions.


The creation of the Web3 Educators Guild presents a transformative opportunity in blockchain education. By forming strategic partnerships, we can build a future where blockchain education is accessible, comprehensive, and effective, creating a world ready for the Web3 revolution.

Contribute to this Initiative

Join the Partnerships and Collaborations Group to join the discussion and support this initiative.