#BuildWithCelo Participants In Their Own Words


In this post, we will explore the experiences and perspectives of participants in the #BuildWithCelo hackathon. Through their own words, we will gain insights into the benefits of the Celo blockchain and the significance of community support. Additionally, we will learn about the process of building teams, the importance of education, and the opportunities that hackathons provide for personal and professional growth.

The Appeal of Celo

Participants express their affinity for Celo, appreciating its core architecture and scalability. The blockchain’s ability to support web3 projects is highly regarded, as it allows developers to create impactful applications. Celo’s strong community support is also emphasized, with participants experiencing quick and helpful responses on the Celo Builder and Celo hackathon Discord channels.

Seizing the Opportunity

The participants share their motivations for joining the hackathon. They highlight the chance to utilize blockchain technology for positive impact, aligning with Celo’s values. The opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals during events, such as the hackathon, is highly valued. Participants emphasize the importance of collaboration, building teams, and defining clear roles and expectations.

Leveraging the Celo Community

The active Celo community in Uganda is highlighted, demonstrating the global reach of Celo enthusiasts. Local community meetups are held regularly, providing a space for engagement and knowledge sharing. Participants encourage others to build teams within their own communities, fostering collaboration and innovation.

The Power of Education

Participants express gratitude for the educational aspects of the hackathon. They appreciate the informative videos and presentations that help them learn about blockchain technology and its applications. The hackathon serves as a valuable learning environment, allowing participants to improve their skills and build upon their knowledge.

Embracing the Hackathon Experience

The tutorial emphasizes the transformative nature of hackathons. Participants are encouraged to approach hackathons as a platform to discover their full potential. The time constraints and intense nature of hackathons push individuals to their limits, fostering growth and innovation. It is advised to be curious, engage with the community, ask questions, and embrace the challenge of resolving errors within tight deadlines.

Hackathons as Catalysts for Personal and Professional Development

The tutorial concludes by underscoring the importance of hackathons for aspiring developers. Hackathons provide a supportive environment for learning, testing ideas, and jumpstarting a career in the blockchain space. The tutorial encourages individuals with passion and ideas to participate, highlighting the potential for recognition and achievement.

By following the advice and insights shared by the #BuildWithCelo participants, aspiring developers can embark on their own journey of exploration, learning, and growth within the Celo community. Hackathons serve as invaluable platforms for turning ideas into reality and making a positive impact on the world. So, take the leap and join a hackathon today to unlock your full potential in the blockchain ecosystem.

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Hackathon can literally make you grow x10 in just a matter of weeks. I love it how elo keeps it coming monthly.

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