Buillding a tool for the Celo Community - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Hey everyone!

Quick intro; my name is Tenzin and I’m a co-founder for Tali AI (https://trytali.com) - we recently got a grant to bring Tali to the Celo community.

Tali is an answer engine that will have access to Celo’s technical documentation, Github repo’s and blog posts so that community members / devs can come in and “talk to the docs.” The idea is, rather then sifting through pages of documentation get an answer by asking Tali directly!

Plus, Tali doesn’t need sleep so be it 3pm or 3am she’s there to help.

We need your help to make this a reality. What documents / data sources should Tali ingest? I’ve listed a few below, what else should be in there?

Technical documentation?: //docs.celo.org/
Celo Monorepo on Github?: celo-monorepo
Medium?: @celoorg (can only put 2 links in the thread)

Looking forward to serving the community!

  • Tenzin & team Tali
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This is great, this is the kind of collaboration we look forward to working with you and making greater impact.

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