Celo Academy Champions Chainlink Launch with a Special Event

Exciting News! Chainlink Data Feeds are Live on Celo Mainnet🎊

Celo Academy is joining the celebration of Chainlink’s integration into the Celo ecosystem by hosting an inaugural education sponsorship event! This event is set to encourage developers to harness the newly available Chainlink Data Feeds for innovative solutions.

Celo Academy’s Support :star2:

In a bid to encourage and empower Celo developers, Celo Academy is throwing its weight behind the integration of Chainlink Data Feeds on Celo. By hosting an educational sponsorship event, Celo Academy aims to foster the development of cutting-edge DeFi applications on Celo using Chainlink’s oracles.

Sponsorship and Rewards :gift:

Celo Academy is offering rewards for developers and contributors. Three proposals focused on utilizing Chainlink with Celo will be accepted and rewarded with 250 cUSD each! Submit your proposals by Thursday, June 29th at 4pm EST with the tag ‘chainlink’ to Celo’s Academy’s New Proposals. The Celo Foundation team will be overseeing the approvals separate from the weekly voting process.

But wait, there’s more! There’s an additional 600 cUSD in prizes for tutorial submissions on building on Celo with Chainlink. Even if your proposal is not accepted, you can still submit your completed tutorial to the Technical Tutorials section with the tag ‘chainlink’ by Thursday, July 6th at 4pm EST for a chance to win!

Leverage Chainlink on Celo :wrench:

What makes Chainlink’s integration into Celo so vital for developers? Chainlink Data Feeds provide high-quality data, secure node operations, decentralized networks, transparency, and a scaling effect which benefits developers in various ways.

As developers delve into the world of Celo and Chainlink, they will find themselves equipped with tools necessary for building sophisticated and secure dApps. The integration stands as a testament to Celo’s commitment to providing a scalable and effective platform for decentralized finance.

Check out the official Celo Blog and spread the word on Twitter.

Take Part and Innovate

Celo Academy’s event is an opportunity for developers in the Celo Sage community to showcase their skills, learn, and contribute to the burgeoning Celo ecosystem. We encourage all Celo Sages to take part in this exciting event and harness the power of Chainlink Data Feeds to build the next generation of dApps.

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Celo’s growth story with the support of Celo Academy. :tada:


Awesome, this is huge for the entire CELO ecosystem.


CELO breaking boundaries :rocket:


Awesome, just seeing this. I love oracles, I’d try to put up one.


This initiative will undoubtedly fuel innovation​:100::muscle:


Awesome, would be writing one on this!