Celo Academy Community Growth Strategy Proposal


This proposal focuses on enhancing the viral co-efficient for Celo Blockchain through strategies designed to attract new developers and promote widespread awareness and adoption of Celo’s solutions. Furthermore, this proposal introduces a reward system to address the issue of vote solicitation, targeting the platform’s top contributors or ‘Ambassadors.’

View the Initial Proposal by @olusegun here


The core intent of growth marketing is achieving Product Market Fit. This requires increasing retention and driving a viral loop through product development, active product users, and marketing. Celo Sage’s current structure aims to boost retention in the Celo ecosystem by curating a vast library of resources to enhance product development. While the initiative is commendable, there are gaps in the growth marketing strategy, leading to issues with the voting system.

The Challenge

The primary issues are the community’s disapproval of the voting system, perceived as unfavorable to active members, and minimal social attribution to Celo from the Celo Sage platform. Addressing these challenges requires a strategy that achieves a high viral co-efficient, enhances the quality of topic approvals, and rewards active community members.

The Strategy

The proposal suggests retaining the voting structure but introducing a quality control system and growth strategy. This would ensure priority is given to articles that meet requirements, and active members receive due recognition. The process would involve the following steps:

  1. Moderators act as the first layer of topic approval, selecting and approving topics that meet guidelines.
  2. The community votes for pre-approved articles, reducing weekly topics and improving resource quality.
  3. Implementing a growth strategy to reward the most active Sage members.

In addition to this, the strategy proposes rewarding the most active Sage members, morphing them into ‘Top Creators.’ This transition would bring more exposure to the Celo ecosystem, rewarding the contributors with governance tokens, cUSD, NFTs, gig opportunities, merchandise, and ambassadorial roles.

The Marketing Angle

User Generated Content (UGC) by these top creators can serve as content for ads, social media campaigns, and influencer marketing, among other things. Long-term plans can include loyalty and ambassador programs, providing value to both the creators and Celo.

Analytics and Measurement

The implementation of this strategy would require product and community analytics, enabling us to track community interactions and the quality and engagement of the content created for Celo. Based on engagement data, a leaderboard could be created to rank our top contributors and creators.

Rating Active Members

To measure active participation and avoid spamming, the following activities could be prioritized on the leaderboard:

  1. Contribution to Forum Discussions
  2. Submitting and Publishing Topics
  3. Creating Content on Socials
  4. Building Helpful Github Resources for Developers
  5. Building or Co-creating products in the Celo ecosystem


The suggested strategy ensures that the most active contributors receive priority and rewards, making them pivotal for the completion of the growth loop. By morphing these active members into creators and ambassadors for Celo, they bring about increased network effects, completing the flywheel and creating a win-win situation for both contributors and Celo.

The strategy’s implementation may present challenges, and as such, leveraging professional expertise in growth marketing, data analysis, and direct response marketing could be beneficial. A discussion with decision-makers to align this proposal with your specific needs and drive transformative growth is highly recommended.

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