Celo Academy Moderation Strategy


Celo Academy’s platform, hosted on Discourse, aims to be a central hub for knowledge exchange, community collaboration, and real-time updates regarding the Celo Ecosystem. The primary audience includes existing and aspiring developers, who form the integral part of Celo’s innovative landscape. Our goal is to facilitate a vibrant, self-sustaining, and respectful learning environment where developers can thrive.


  • Facilitate Education: Ensure a seamless flow of knowledge and resources to assist developers on their learning journey within the Celo Ecosystem.
  • Promote Engagement: Encourage community interaction and peer support through active discussions and collaborative problem solving.
  • Support Timely Updates: Enable swift dissemination of Celo Academy’s latest developments, news, and updates.
  • Inspire Achievement: Highlight community success stories to inspire and motivate members.
  • Safeguard Community Standards: Uphold a respectful and supportive environment that promotes learning and collaboration.


Moderation Strategy

  • Active and Responsive Moderation: Engage with a team of dedicated moderators across multiple time zones to ensure timely response to user queries, concerns, and feedback. This includes addressing individual posts and maintaining overall forum health.
  • Empower Community Participation: Encourage community members to help each other and engage in discussions. The moderator’s role will be to guide these conversations constructively, rather than solving every issue directly.
  • Recognition and Reward: Implement a rating and upvoting system to acknowledge high-quality posts and contributions, thus encouraging active participation and peer recognition.
  • Regular Community Activities: Foster community engagement through regular discussions, debates, and games with potential rewards to stimulate active participation and make learning more enjoyable.
  • Maintain Forum Health: Ensure the platform remains conducive to learning and respectful discussions by enforcing community guidelines and handling any violations promptly and effectively.

Support Strategy

  • Dedicated Support: Establish a support system to assist users encountering difficulties with the platform or learning material, ensuring their issues are resolved promptly.
  • Peer Support Promotion: Encourage users to assist each other with questions and issues, fostering a sense of community support and shared learning.
  • Developer Help Desk: Set up a dedicated thread for developers to ask questions, get advice on their projects, and learn from experienced members or moderators.

Community Growth Strategy

  • Success Stories: Regularly highlight and share success stories of developers who have effectively built on Celo, encouraging inspiration and motivation within the community.
  • Mentorship Program: Facilitate a program where experienced developers can guide beginners, fostering a culture of mentorship and shared growth.
  • Real-time Projects: Encourage members to collaborate on real-time projects, providing them with a platform to apply their knowledge and skills in practical scenarios.
  • Community Challenges: Organize regular coding challenges or hackathons, encouraging innovation within the Celo ecosystem and offering opportunities for members to showcase their skills.


The ultimate goal of our moderation strategy is to build an inclusive, dynamic, and supportive learning environment that upholds the highest standards of integrity, respect, and collaboration. We are committed to making Celo Academy a place where everyone can learn, grow, and contribute to the exciting world of blockchain development.

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