Celo Academy Overview


Today, we’d like to reaffirm our dedication to the Celo ecosystem and invite you to explore our refocused mission, vision, and goals. Together, let’s foster an inclusive, innovative, and thriving space for growth and development.

As pillars of the global blockchain community, our efforts are centered on empowering developers through education, and ensuring they are well-equipped to contribute significantly to Celo’s sustainable and ever-evolving digital economy. Together, we can shape the blockchain landscape.

Check out our Season 14 Goals for our upcoming plans:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nourish a robust developer community within the Celo ecosystem. Through comprehensive, accessible education, we enable developers worldwide to build decentralized applications, driving the expansion and prosperity of Celo’s regenerative economy.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to solidify our standing as the primary educational hub in the Celo ecosystem. We strive to foster a dynamic community of adept developers, enabling them to create decentralized applications that define the future of digital economy.


Our values serve as the compass guiding our actions and decisions. By prioritizing education, innovation, community, and inclusivity, we create a foundation that fosters growth, creativity, collaboration, and equality.

  • Education: We advocate for lifelong learning as the cornerstone of progress.
  • Innovation: We nurture a culture that embraces inventive thinking and cutting-edge solutions.
  • Community: Our achievements are fueled by collective efforts and shared goals.
  • Inclusivity: We actively welcome diversity and are committed to equal opportunities for all.


Our goals are the milestones we strive to achieve. They reflect our commitment to excellence, forward-thinking, communal strength, and diversity, creating a roadmap that ensures a positive and sustainable impact.

  • Unique Website Visitors: We’re striving for global outreach. Our goal is to create a wave of awareness about the Celo ecosystem and captivate a diverse audience.
  • Accounts Created: We want to turn curiosity into action. Through captivating content and resources, we aim to convert visitors into committed community members.
  • Certifications Earned: We’re elevating the bar for excellence and competency through our educational programs. Let’s earn those certifications together!
  • Job Placements: We bridge education with real-world opportunities. Our commitment is to ensure that talent finds its place in the Web3 ecosystem.


We are action-oriented. Our strategy is built on a foundation of delivering top-tier, industry-relevant education; weaving a tightly-knit, engaged community; and constantly adapting our platform to the community’s pulse and the Celo ecosystem’s trajectory. Your collaboration and insights are the keystones of our collective growth.


We recognize that our strength lies in diversity. From the aspiring developers who are the architects of tomorrow, to the industry veterans, the broader Celo community, and businesses; everyone plays a vital role in weaving the fabric of a prosperous Celo digital economy.

Social Responsibility

In harmony with Celo’s ethos, we stand firm in our resolve to be torchbearers for a regenerative digital economy. We are here not just to create value but to be values-driven, and our compass is set on having a positive, far-reaching social impact.

Get Involved

We invite you to contribute to our community. Whether it’s by participating in our forums, sharing your expertise, attending webinars, or collaborating on projects, your involvement is vital to our shared success.


As we continue on this journey, we deeply appreciate your continued engagement and feedback. Together, we will play a pivotal role in the development of the Celo ecosystem and the prosperity of the global digital economy.