Celo Academy Season 14 Goals


As we begin Season 14 (July, August, and September of 2023), we pause to offer our deepest gratitude for your continued support and engagement. Your contributions and active participation have made our journey thus far not only possible, but truly remarkable. Now, as we look forward, we are lifted by our past achievements and poised to make strides toward an incredible impact on both the Celo and Web3 ecosystem together.

In Season 14, our focus will be on growth and further nurturing the potential within our robust developer community. We’re excited to continue on this journey, and we want to share with you our key goals for the upcoming months:

100,000 Unique Visitors

Our goal is to attract 100,000 unique visitors to Celo Academy. We plan to achieve this by enhancing our content, boosting our SEO efforts, and strengthening our social media outreach.

10,000 New Accounts

We aspire to see 10,000 new accounts created on our platform. Our strategy involves hosting engaging webinars, ramping up user-friendly learning materials, and partnership programs to attract and retain new users.

1,000 Certifications Earned

Our goal is for 1,000 of our users to successfully earn certifications. We’re dedicated to continually refining the relevance and accessibility of our training programs. Moreover, we plan to augment the value of our certifications through strategic partnerships and improved, interactive training sessions. This way, we not only provide a learning platform, but also create engaging content that further empowers our developers.

100 Job Placements

Our final goal is to facilitate 100 job placements within the Web3 ecosystem. Our tactics include building partnerships with organizations within the ecosystem, hosting virtual job fairs, and strengthening our career support services.

Continuing our Journey

While these are our program’s goals, we truly believe they are shared milestones that we can reach together as a community. We invite you to be an active part of this journey: share your suggestions, participate in our initiatives, and let’s shape the future of the Celo ecosystem together.

As we eagerly step into Season 14, we’re filled with a sense of optimism and excitement. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and engagement and are confident that, together, we can make this a truly successful and impactful platform for Celo and the larger Web3 community.


I believe so much in this project and i believe we all can make it happen. Big ups to everyone who has been standing strong and firm with us thus far


Let’s go! We can do these. Together we can achieve greatness