Celo Academy Update - Pathways, Badges, Tutorials and More! | 05/05/23

Hey Celo Sages,

As the weekend approaches, we’re excited to share some updates about the progress we’ve made on Celo Academy. We hope these new features and resources will inspire you to dive in and explore all that the platform has to offer.

Discover Celo Academy

We’ve been working hard on building out Celo Academy, and each section now has a dedicated page with more information about its goals and content. Get started by checking out our introduction page:

Discover Celo Academy

Celo Orientation Pathway

Our new Celo Orientation Pathway is just one example of the pathways we’re creating to guide you through the platform. Still lots of of links and info to add. If you have tutorials in Celo Academy relevant to any of the sections link them in the comments for more visibility. :eyes:

View Orientation Pathway

Explore the full list of pathways and their overview pages here:

View Upcoming Pathways

Interested in seeing us build one of the upcoming pathways? Add a like to the Pathway Overview Page!

Support for Celo Sage Creators

If you’re interested in becoming or learning as a content creator, our onboarding page for new creators is the perfect place to start.

View Celo Sage Creator Pathway

Earn Badges

We’re introducing custom badges to recognize the hard work and contributions of our community members. Check out the available badges.

View Badges

Track Your Engagement

Keep an eye on your engagement stats to see how you’re connecting with the community.

View User Engagement

Explore New Categories

We’ve added categories like careers, events, tools, discussions, and resources to the left navigation menu, aiming to create spaces for community-driven content and conversation.

Explore all Categories

Tutorials Update

We’ve removed the front matter from tutorials and assigned them to their respective creators for editing access. Some formatting and image issues remain, but we’ll work on fixing them.

View Tutorials

Tags Overhaul

We’re looking for ways to streamline our extensive list of tags. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

View Tags

Celo Sage Proposals

We’re still using Trello + Docs to manage our workflow, but we’ll be moving to Celo Academy soon. Check out the Proposals section to try out the workflow.

View Proposals

View on Mobile

Want a better mobile experience for Celo Academy? Install DiscourseHub on Android or iOS.

App Store for iOS
Google Play for Android

Share Your Feedback

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these updates and any other feedback you may have:

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Thank you for being a part of the Celo community. Have a fantastic weekend! :seedling: