Celo Academy: Your Weekly Update | 05/19/2022

Hello Celo Sage Community!

We are pleased to share the recent developments and future plans for the Celo Academy. We’re testing with our internal community before launching publicly, but we’re thrilled with the progress made so far!

Last Week’s Highlights

We’ve accomplished quite a bit in the past week:

  • Finished migration of over 380+ tutorials to Celo Academy
  • Moved operations entirely to Celo Academy
  • Conducted our first successful round of voting-based tutorial approvals
  • Personalized Celo Academy with Celo branding and now offer both dark and light modes
  • Celo Academy Twitter is live! Follow us @CeloAcademy
  • Implemented UI updates for an improved user experience, including a search bar, social shares, portfolios etc
  • Made Celo Academy available in 48 languages (see how to translate it here)
  • All Sages are now active on Celo Academy with assigned roles


We’ve paused accepting new Sages to focus on enhancing the experience of our existing contributors. A huge shout-out to all Celo Sages - your contributions have been invaluable!

Plans for the Coming Week

  • Continue building tutorials from our newly accepted proposals
  • Building pathways for a directed learning experience
  • Setting up a system to map Celo Academy to dApps built on Celo
  • Phasing out the tutorials section of docs and redirecting to Celo Academy
  • Developing certifications for learners and contributors
  • Partnering with other Celo Education initiatives to expand Celo Academy offerings
  • Mapping contributor leaderboard to benefits (swag, career support, opportunities)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • 150+ users of Celo Academy
  • Average engagement time: 18 minutes
  • Increase of 100 new users from last week
  • 80% increase in engagement time

While we celebrate these achievements, we’re also addressing areas for improvement such as making tutorials available for logged-out users and fixing external links to the Academy.

Join the Conversation

Got questions or feedback? Please join our discussions or submit your feedback and bugs here.


To conclude, we’re extremely proud of our progress and optimistic about the future. Your support is integral to the success of Celo Academy. Let’s continue this journey together, creating an educational platform that empowers everyone to contribute and learn.

Here’s to an exciting week ahead! :mortar_board: :seedling:


great work team! :heart_eyes: :heart: :+1: