Celo Africa: Meet the Team


In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the team members behind Celo Africa. Celo is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that aims to create a financial system that fosters prosperity for everyone. The team members come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about financial inclusion and leveraging technology to drive positive change in Africa. We will explore their roles, experiences, and contributions to the Celo ecosystem.

Ecosystem Lead for Kenya


One of the team members is the Ecosystem Lead for Kenya. They have been actively involved with Celo since the early stages and have witnessed its growth in Kenya. They started as a validator, launched a campaign, and gradually transitioned to becoming a startup team member and eventually a part of the C Labs team and the Celo Foundation.

Growth of Celo in Kenya

The Ecosystem Lead describes how Celo’s presence in Kenya has evolved over time. Initially, there were a few visits by the team members, followed by an initial pilot project to explore microwork. The startup teams in Kenya also played a crucial role in establishing a thriving ecosystem that supports cash-in, cash-out payments, transfers, and other financial activities. The community has grown significantly, attracting larger corporations and fostering a sense of awareness and contribution among its members.

African Venture Capital Fund


Another team member represents a venture capital fund focused on fintech and web 3.0 opportunities in Africa. They believe that every tech company will eventually become a fintech or blockchain technology company. They support founders in building businesses and provide access to capital, aiming to foster growth and financial inclusion across the continent.

Partnership with Celo

The team member initially connected with Celo through their network and was excited about the potential of the platform for various use cases in Africa. Over time, the partnership between their venture capital fund and Celo has grown, with Celo becoming one of their biggest partners. They collaborate to identify opportunities that can drive adoption and usage of the Celo blockchain and its stablecoins. The fund’s portfolio companies are actively exploring ways to leverage the Celo platform, including building stablecoins and integrating crypto into their business models.

Celo Foundation: Research and Innovation


The Celo Foundation has a research and innovation circle that focuses on testing ideas, identifying use cases, and demonstrating the usefulness of the Celo technology in everyday life. Their goal is to catalyze wider adoption of Celo’s blockchain, cryptocurrency, and stablecoins.

Partnerships and Thought Leadership

The Research and Innovation Circle collaborates with various organizations, including humanitarian groups, governments, and private entities. They explore use cases related to remittances, work compensation, and support for micro-entrepreneurs. Their vision is to create proofs of concept that showcase the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Additionally, they engage in research to shape conversations around blockchain technology, ensuring it brings tangible benefits and positive changes to different sectors.

Beats Mama: Financial Services and Expansion


Beats Mama is a company that provides financial services, specializing in off-ramp and on-ramp cashing and cash-out services. They enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and facilitate remittances, ensuring recipients receive their local fiat currencies.

Expansion and Future Plans

Beats Mama is currently operational in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. The company’s founder realized the need to expand to other East African countries and is planning to take steps to enter new markets. They are gradually expanding their presence in East and West Africa to meet the growing demand for their services and cater to more users.

Emerging Impacts: Financial Services for Underserved Communities


Emerging Impacts is a neobank based on decentralized finance (DeFi) principles. They aim to provide financial services to underserved communities, particularly in rural areas where traditional banking infrastructure is limited. Their focus is on leveraging blockchain technology to offer accessible and affordable financial solutions.

Use of Celo Platform

Emerging Impacts has recognized the potential of the Celo platform in achieving their mission. They have integrated Celo’s blockchain and stablecoins into their neobank infrastructure to enable seamless and secure transactions. By utilizing Celo’s technology, they can provide their customers with efficient remittance services, access to savings and lending products, and other financial tools.

Impact on Underserved Communities

By leveraging the Celo platform, Emerging Impacts aims to empower underserved communities by providing them with financial services that were previously inaccessible. They envision a future where individuals in rural areas can easily send and receive money, access credit and savings facilities, and participate in the digital economy. Through their partnership with Celo, they strive to bridge the financial inclusion gap and create economic opportunities for these communities.


The team members of Celo Africa are dedicated to driving financial inclusion and positive change in Africa through the use of blockchain technology. Each team member plays a unique role in expanding Celo’s presence, fostering partnerships, and leveraging the platform to create tangible impacts in various sectors. From ecosystem development to venture capital funding, research and innovation, financial services, and neobanking, the team members are united by their shared vision of building a more inclusive and prosperous financial system for all Africans.

Please note that the information provided in this tutorial is based on the knowledge available up until September 2021. For the most up-to-date information on the Celo Africa team, I recommend visiting the official Celo website or reaching out to the Celo Foundation directly.