Celo All Core Dev Call 10


  • The call introduced as the Celo All Core Dev Call 10.
  • The agenda included discussions about the upcoming Espresso hard fork.

CIP50: Replay Attack Protection

  • CIP50 proposal was presented to revert a change made in CIP35 related to replay attack protection.
  • In CIP35, mandatory replay protection (EIP-155) was added for compatibility with Ethereum.
  • However, this mandatory validation creates issues with other contracts, such as EIP-1820 and ERC777.
  • The proposal suggests removing the mandatory replay protection in the state transition and requires a fork for implementation.
  • Superfluid and Orchid teams, along with other developers, have requested this feature to enable building more on Celo.

Implementation and Readiness

  • The proposal implementation is already in progress, and it requires rebasing the changes.
  • The readiness for the Espresso hard fork and Baklava schedule were discussed.
  • The proposal will be finalized within 24 hours, and the review period will be kept short due to its simplicity.
  • Once finalized, CIP50 will be added to the Espresso hard fork specification and communicated to developers.

Espresso Hard Fork Updates (CIP41)

  • Joshua provided updates on the Espresso hard fork.
  • Upstream changes were merged, and Celo-specific changes are expected to be completed by the end of the week.
  • A Baklava client will be released on Monday with an activation date of December 15th.
  • Validators on Baklava will have around a week and a half to upgrade, followed by alpha cohorts.
  • Mainnet client release is planned for December 17th or 20th, targeting an activation date of February 2nd.

Wrap-Up and Future Calls

  • The call concluded with a discussion on block numbers and the Espresso hard fork activation timeline.
  • Feedback and questions were welcomed but none were received during the call.
  • The development team expressed appreciation to the attendees and discussed plans for future “Awkward Dev Calls” on a bi-weekly cadence.