Celo All Core Dev Call 5


The transcript discusses the topics covered in the Celo All Core Dev Call 5. The participants are excited about the call as they have interesting proposals to discuss.

Proposal 1: CIP 35 - Ethereum Compatibility

The first proposal, CIP 35, aims to improve Ethereum compatibility on Celo. It suggests adding a new transaction type that allows Celo transactions and older Ethereum-style transactions to be accepted by the Celo network. This change would enable Celo to work natively with Ethereum tooling, including MetaMask. The proposal emphasizes the benefits of usability and developer experience. Technical details and an implementation branch are provided.

Proposal 2: CIP 36 - Mutual Credit

The second proposal, CIP 36, introduces the concept of mutual credit on Celo. It aims to create a standardized interface for mutual credit, similar to the ERC-20 standard for tokens on Ethereum. The proposal highlights the interesting properties of mutual credit and its potential for widespread use in communities. While an implementation exists, it hasn’t been deployed at scale yet. Feedback and further discussion are encouraged.

Discussion and Questions on Proposals

During the call, participants engage in a discussion and raise questions related to the proposals. The topics include the need for more data and analysis, the deployment of mutual credit, and potential challenges with larger bucket sizes. The participants share their thoughts on the proposals and suggest improvements and considerations.

Attestation Node Incentives

Another topic discussed is attestation node incentives. The proposal suggests modifying the attestation contract to include state tracking for completion rates. The completion rate threshold is proposed to be set at 70%, and if not met, an attestation service may be removed. The participants discuss the implementation details and the potential for a dynamic threshold in the future.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The call concludes with an overview of the proposals and a call for rough consensus to move them to the review period, known as the last call. If accepted, the proposals will be included in the upcoming hard fork. The participants are encouraged to provide feedback and continue the discussion on the respective GitHub tickets. The call ends with a reminder to document the inclusion of CIP 35 in a meta specification for Donut and an invitation to present additional proposals.

Please note that the transcript was cut off, and the summary is based on the available text.