Celo Block Party - Earth Day Birthday!


Introduction and Location

  • Beverly from the Celo Foundation welcomes everyone to the second episode of the Celo Block Party, joined by her colleague Lyle.
  • The party is a celebration of Earth Day and Celo’s three-year main net birthday.
  • The conversation takes place on Beverly’s private island, where she decided to host the block party and do an on-location shoot.

Updates and Reflections

  • Beverly shares her favorite part of the Ultra Green Week, specifically the carbon retirement day activation with Toucan.
  • Lyle mentions that his favorite part hasn’t started yet and hints at an upcoming announcement for builders.
  • They discuss the progress and growth of the Celo network over the past three years.

Founder Remarks and Community Updates

  • Renee and Merrick, founders of Celo, offer special remarks for the community, highlighting the announcement of Ultra Green Money and the ongoing growth and launches of applications on Celo.
  • They emphasize the importance of the Celo community and express gratitude for its contributions.
  • Beverly mentions the Crossletter, a way for the community to stay updated on Celo ecosystem news.

Climate Round Table

  • Brandi leads a climate round table discussion with representatives from Fallow, Sylvie, Plastics, and Wheelcoin.
  • The participants discuss the significance of Earth Day, the importance of year-round activism, and practical steps individuals can take to make a positive impact on the environment.

Wrapping up the Block Party

  • The conversation wraps up with a message of appreciation and encouragement.
  • The hosts express their excitement for future events and announce an upcoming demo from the Creative Crowdfunding Protocol.

We hope you enjoyed the summary of the conversation and gained insights into the discussions surrounding Earth Day and environmental activism.

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