Celo Camp 2020: Celo's Values with Sep Kamvar

Introduction to Celo Camp

Rachel Jacob, program manager at Celo Camp, introduces the event as the first in the Celo Camp Talk series. She is joined by special guest speaker, Sep Kamvar, co-founder of Celo. Celo Camp is a two-month virtual acceleration and mentorship program for the Celo ecosystem, supporting decentralized technology entrepreneurs and developers in building sustainable businesses. The program serves as an entry point for founders to bring their ideas to fruition and success on the Celo platform.

Benefits of Joining Celo Camp Wave 2

Participants in Celo Camp Wave 2 have the opportunity to win prizes amounting to 30,000 CUSD, receive fast-track access to Celo grants, and gain high exposure to investment opportunities. One of the key aspects of the program is the mentorship program, featuring mentors from renowned organizations such as Anderson Horowitz, Polychain, Wrangle, Blockchain Founders Fund, and more. The eight-week curriculum helps teams learn how to build sustainable businesses, bring projects to market, and scale. Joining Celo Camp also allows participants to expand their network and be part of a supportive and vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs and developers.

Sep Kamvar’s Talk: Lessons Learned from Google

Sep Kamvar shares a lesson he learned during his time at Google. He discusses the impact of technological innovations on expressive mediums, drawing a parallel between painting and money as expressive mediums. He introduces the concept of natural capital-backed currencies, highlighting the potential for currencies that align with environmental goals and promote positive impact. He emphasizes the need for an ecology of value, drawing an analogy to the power of the internet beyond its initial use cases.

Software Architecture for a New Financial System

Sep Kamvar explains the importance of a software architecture that supports the desired financial system. He discusses existing building blocks such as block rewards, ERC20 tokens, and smart contracts. He envisions the creation of algorithmic demand for natural capital through the use of tokens like “forest tokens” backed by reserves dedicated to environmental remediation. Kamvar emphasizes the need for a software architecture that aligns with the story architecture and supports a vibrant ecosystem.

Social Architecture and Community Building

Celo is ultimately a community of developers, designers, and doers who work together to extend the story architecture, software architecture, and social architecture. Kamvar presents a four-axis framework for understanding the world, distinguishing between individual and collective perspectives and inside and outside contexts. He emphasizes the importance of strengthening the community through continuous improvement, identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses, and building a vibrant ecosystem.

Q&A Session Highlights

During the Q&A session, Sep Kamvar discusses topics such as universal basic income experiments, advantages of Celo over other platforms, potential impact of Celo in developing countries, decentralized identity solutions, and backing clean rivers and forests. He highlights the importance of collaboration with NGOs and the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, encourages participation in Celo Camp, and provides insights into the challenges of implementing basic income as part of the Celo protocol.

Conclusion and Upcoming Events

Rachel Jacob concludes the event by expressing gratitude to the attendees and announces upcoming events in the Celo Camp series, including an investors fireside AMA on fundraising and a technical overview of the Celo platform. She encourages participants to visit the Celo Camp website for more information and to submit their applications before the deadline.