Celo Camp 2020 Investors AMA

Introduction to Celo Camp

Celo Camp is an eight-week incubator program that aims to build an open financial system for prosperity. The program brings together designers, builders, dreamers, and doers to collaborate and create innovative solutions. The Celo Camp Investor Ask Me Anything (AMA) event gathers leaders at the intersection of crypto and venture capital to provide insights into the fundraising process.

Panelists Introduction

The event begins with introductions from the panelists. Sochi Casador, a partner at C Labs, leads the Celo Foundation grant program. Other panelists include Ben from Polychain and Ian from IDEO, both of whom are actively involved in supporting projects on Celo and the broader crypto space.

Investing in Early Stage Crypto Startups

The panelists discuss their investment focus and the criteria they consider while evaluating projects. Ian emphasizes the importance of founders having a strong vision and a compelling reason for their project to exist. He looks for founders who can reason about the future of the space and their place in it. At the early stages, traction is not the primary concern. Trustworthy founders capable of executing well are more important.

Building Open Financial Systems

The panelists discuss the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the concept of open financial systems. They explore the role of cryptocurrencies in incentivizing users to join platforms and utilize products. They also highlight the importance of developing tools, infrastructure, and user-friendly experiences to drive adoption.

Exploring Opportunities in the Crypto Space

The panelists highlight various opportunities in the crypto space. They discuss categories such as Web3 infrastructure, open financial systems, decentralized exchanges, micro-work, layer two solutions, and more. They envision a future where digital corporations and governance are handled in a decentralized manner, fostering innovation and inclusion.

Approaching Investors as Founders

The panelists share insights on how founders can approach investors effectively. They suggest reaching out through traditional channels such as websites or emails, but also mention the value of creativity in getting noticed. A thoughtful cold message or leveraging personal connections can make a difference in attracting investor attention.

Celo Camp Timeline and Grant Programs

The event concludes with details about the Celo Camp timeline. The finalists will be announced on October 14th, followed by the camp running from October 19th to December. The demo day, called Idea Fair, will take place on December 8th, where participants will showcase their projects. The winners of Celo Camp will be announced on December 15th. The Celo Foundation grant programs offered in collaboration with a16z crypto, Polychain, and IDEO are also highlighted.