Celo Connect Founder Spotlight: Meet André Vanyi-Robin and Daniel Garcia of Plastiks


Welcome to the Celo Connect Founder Spotlight! In this tutorial, we will introduce you to André Vanyi-Robin and Daniel Garcia, the CEO and CTO, respectively, and co-founders of Plastiks. Plastiks is a unique marketplace that brings together waste management companies, artists, consumer brands, and consumers to reduce waste and its impact on the environment.

Carbon Neutrality and Non-Profit Support

Plastiks recognizes the importance of carbon neutrality and supporting non-profit organizations in developing nations. They are privileged to be part of the Celo community for two major reasons:

1. Carbon Neutrality

Plastiks aims to ensure that all transactions conducted on their marketplace are carbon neutral. By doing so, they contribute to reducing the environmental footprint associated with waste management. This commitment aligns with Celo’s focus on sustainability and creating a greener future.

2. Support for Non-Profits

Part of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Plastiks marketplace goes to non-profit organizations in developing nations. This approach ensures that funds reach waste pickers who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. Celo serves as a bridge, providing access to crypto through mobile solutions.

In-House Technology Development

Plastiks takes pride in developing all the necessary technology in-house. By building their technology stack from scratch, they maintain control over the platform’s features, security, and functionality. This approach allows them to tailor the technology to the unique needs of the marketplace and its users.

Joining the Celo Community

Plastiks recently joined the Celo community and is actively leveraging the platform to further their mission. By utilizing Celo’s infrastructure and capabilities, they aim to empower individuals to become “plastic neutral” and actively contribute to waste reduction efforts.

Services for Other Marketplaces

Plastiks not only focuses on their own marketplace but also plans to offer services to other marketplaces. These services include the ability to attach recycling guarantees to products and verify the authenticity of plastic recovery. By collaborating with other marketplaces, Plastiks aims to provide the Celo community with opportunities to offset and compensate plastic production and usage through their innovative technology.


André Vanyi-Robin and Daniel Garcia, the founders of Plastiks, are passionate about reducing waste and its impact on the environment. Through their involvement in the Celo community, they strive to make transactions carbon neutral and support non-profit organizations in developing nations. With their in-house technology development, Plastiks aims to create a marketplace where individuals can become plastic neutral and actively contribute to waste reduction. Additionally, their services extend to other marketplaces, enabling them to offer recycling guarantees and authenticate plastic recovery. By embracing the power of Celo and their innovative technology, Plastiks is driving positive change in waste management and environmental sustainability.