Celo Connect Founder Spotlight: Meet Bernardo Vieira of impactMarket

In this Founder Spotlight, we have the opportunity to meet Bernardo Vieira, the CTO of impactMarket. impactMarket is a decentralized poverty alleviation protocol that is focused on implementing Universal Basic Income (UBI) pilots around the world. With over 37,000 beneficiaries supported to date, impactMarket is making a significant impact in the fight against poverty. Bernardo shares his insights on using Celo as the underlying platform for their work and highlights two key features that he finds particularly valuable.

The Benefits of Building on Celo

Bernardo expresses his satisfaction with building on the Celo platform, citing several key benefits that have enhanced impactMarket’s operations. He specifically mentions two standout features that he personally appreciates the most.

1. Connection to Phone Numbers

One of the remarkable features of Celo is its ability to connect directly with phone numbers. Bernardo finds this functionality extremely valuable as it simplifies the user experience for beneficiaries. By leveraging phone numbers as identifiers, impactMarket eliminates the need for individuals to remember complex wallet addresses or account details. This seamless integration improves accessibility and user adoption.

2. Paying in Stable Currencies

Another feature that Bernardo highlights is the capability to make payments in stable currencies. This functionality is particularly advantageous for impactMarket’s UBI initiatives. By allowing beneficiaries to receive payments in stable currencies, such as stablecoins, the protocol eliminates the requirement for individuals to hold Celo tokens. Instead, beneficiaries receive an initial five cents upon joining the community and can continue transacting without the need for Celo. This approach ensures a familiar and frictionless experience for the users.

Empowering Beneficiaries

By leveraging Celo’s features, impactMarket empowers its beneficiaries and ensures their seamless integration into the platform. Bernardo emphasizes the importance of this approach, as it allows individuals to participate in the UBI program without facing unnecessary barriers or complexities. By simplifying the user experience, impactMarket encourages wider adoption and engagement within the community.


Bernardo Vieira, CTO of impactMarket, highlights the advantages of utilizing the Celo platform for their decentralized poverty alleviation protocol. The ability to connect with phone numbers simplifies the user experience, while the option to pay in stable currencies removes the requirement for beneficiaries to hold Celo tokens. These features facilitate the seamless integration of beneficiaries into the program and contribute to its success in combating poverty. By leveraging Celo’s capabilities, impactMarket is making a significant impact in the fight against poverty worldwide.