Celo Connect Founder Spotlight: Meet Gabriela Chang of EthicHub


In this founder spotlight, we’ll introduce Gabriela Chang, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of EthicHub. EthicHub is a company that leverages blockchain and cryptocurrency to provide financial support to smallholder farmers living in poverty. Their mission is to address the lack of access to finance for these farmers and protect their loans using crowd collateral. Gabriela Chang highlights the alignment between EthicHub’s goals and the Celo blockchain, making it an excellent platform for their work. This tutorial will provide an overview of EthicHub and its alignment with Celo, emphasizing the benefits of joining the Celo community.

Background on EthicHub

EthicHub is a company that utilizes blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to finance smallholder farmers who face poverty due to limited access to financial resources. By connecting lenders directly with farmers through their platform, EthicHub eliminates intermediaries and provides fairer lending terms. The loans are secured using crowd collateral, where multiple individuals contribute to protect the loans against default. This approach helps mitigate risks and empowers farmers to overcome financial challenges.

The Alignment with Celo

Gabriela Chang emphasizes that EthicHub finds the Celo blockchain to be the most aligned platform for their mission. Despite starting early in 2018, the timing is now perfect for EthicHub to join the Celo community. The alignment lies in the shared goal of financial inclusion and leveraging blockchain technology to empower marginalized communities. By joining Celo, EthicHub gains access to an incredible community of like-minded individuals and organizations striving towards similar objectives.

The Power of Connection

One of the key benefits Gabriela Chang highlights is the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals and organizations working towards the same goals. This connection fosters collaboration and synergy among different stakeholders in the field of financial inclusion. By sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources, the community can collectively drive progress at a faster pace. The power of connection is a significant advantage of joining the Celo community.

Moving Forward Together

Gabriela Chang expresses enthusiasm about moving forward faster by aligning with Celo and its community. By joining forces, EthicHub can leverage the collective wisdom and support available within the Celo ecosystem. This collaboration enhances EthicHub’s capacity to innovate, scale their operations, and make a more significant impact on the lives of smallholder farmers. The partnership between EthicHub and Celo exemplifies the strength and potential of uniting diverse actors for a common cause.


We explored the founder spotlight featuring Gabriela Chang of EthicHub. EthicHub is a blockchain-based platform that aims to provide financial support to smallholder farmers. By utilizing crowd collateral and connecting lenders directly with farmers, EthicHub tackles the issue of financial exclusion in marginalized communities. Gabriela Chang highlights the alignment between EthicHub’s mission and the Celo blockchain. Joining the Celo community offers numerous advantages, including the power of connection and the ability to move forward faster through collaboration. By uniting efforts with Celo, EthicHub can drive greater financial inclusion and make a lasting impact on the lives of smallholder farmers.