Celo Connect Founder Spotlight: Meet Sophia Li of Steward


In this Founder’s Spotlight, we will introduce you to Sophia Li, one of the co-founders of Steward, a web3 collective that focuses on working for the betterment of people and the planet. Sophia shares her experiences within the solar ecosystem and emphasizes the importance of addressing the climate crisis. She highlights Celo’s commitment to inclusivity and decentralization in the web3 space. In this tutorial, we will explore Sophia’s insights and learn about the vision behind Steward and its connection to the Celo blockchain.

About Steward and NFT Collection

Steward is a web3 collective that aims to fund the climate movement through their initiatives. They plan to launch an NFT (non-fungible token) collection, where the proceeds from each sale and resale directly support climate-related causes. This innovative approach allows individuals to contribute to the climate movement by participating in the NFT market.

Embracing Decentralization in Web3

Sophia emphasizes the importance of decentralization in the web3 space. While blockchain technology itself is decentralized, many other aspects of the ecosystem remain centralized, including the people involved and the financial systems. Steward and Celo believe that “prosperity for all” can only be achieved by creating a truly decentralized ecosystem that reflects the values of a decentralized blockchain.

Overturning Inherent Biases

Celo is actively working to address inherent biases within technology and the web3 space. Sophia highlights the example of English key phrases, which can be exclusionary to non-English speakers. Celo aims to overturn and eliminate such biases, ensuring that the benefits and opportunities of the web3 space are accessible to everyone, regardless of language or cultural background.

Inclusivity in the Decentralized Ecosystem

For Sophia and Steward, “prosperity for all” means involving a diverse range of individuals and communities in the decentralized ecosystem. This includes individuals from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities, the global South, indigenous communities, and climate activists on the front lines. They believe in harnessing the power of the digital world to protect our physical world and address the urgent challenges of the climate crisis.

Leveraging the Power of the Digital World

Sophia recognizes the immense potential of the digital world in addressing environmental issues. By leveraging blockchain technology and the web3 space, Steward and Celo aim to channel the power of the digital world to protect and restore the environment. Their mission involves creating opportunities for individuals and communities to contribute to the climate movement in a meaningful and impactful way.


Through this Spotlight, we had the opportunity to meet Sophia Li, one of the co-founders of Steward. We learned about Steward’s mission to fund the climate movement through their NFT collection and their commitment to creating a decentralized ecosystem. Sophia highlighted Celo’s proactive approach in addressing inherent biases and the importance of inclusivity in the web3 space. By harnessing the power of the digital world, Sophia and Steward aim to protect our physical world and involve diverse communities in the fight against the climate crisis.