Celo Developer Orientation Tutorial Series


Welcome to the Celo Orientation, where we’ll equip you with the basics of the Celo platform and help you build a strong foundation for your Celo development journey. Our goal is to prepare you for more advanced Celo materials and resources, ensuring that you have the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the platform with ease and confidence.

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:white_check_mark: Lesson 01: Embracing Financial Inclusion with Celo

This lesson introduce the basics of blockchain technology and explains Celo’s vision, mission, and goals. It covers the unique features and advantages of Celo and provides an overview of the Celo ecosystem and its components.

Blockchain Technology Basics

Celo’s Vision, Mission, and Goals

Unique Features and Advantages of Celo

Overview of the Celo Ecosystem and its Components

:white_check_mark: Lesson 02: A Guide to Celo’s Architecture and Features

In this lesson, you will delve deeper into the Celo stack, understand consensus algorithms and Celo’s Proof of Stake mechanism, explore Celo native assets (CELO, cUSD, cEUR, and cREAL), and learn about Celo’s stability mechanism and reserve.

A Closer Look at the Celo Stack

Consensus Algorithms and Celo’s Proof of Stake Mechanism

A Closer Look at Celo native assets (CELO, cUSD, cEUR, and cREAL)

Celo’s Stability Mechanism and Reserve

:white_check_mark: Lesson 03: Kickstart Your Celo Development Journey

This lesson helps you get started with a Celo Wallet, understand Celo Networks and Tokens, install and configure necessary tools and software, and begin using Celo SDKs and libraries.

Getting Started with a Celo Wallet

Exploring the Celo Networks

Installing and Configuring Celo Developer Tools

Getting Started with Celo SDKs and Libraries

:white_check_mark: Lesson 04: Smart Contracts and dApp Development Essentials

In this lesson, you’ll learn about smart contracts and their use cases, study Solidity language basics, write, deploy, and test smart contracts on Celo, discover best practices and security considerations for smart contracts, and build dApps on Celo.

Introduction to Smart Contracts and Their Use Cases

Solidity Language Basics

Writing, Deploying, and Testing Smart Contracts on Celo

Best Practices and Security Considerations for Smart Contracts

Entering the World of dApps on Celo

:white_check_mark: Lesson 05: Hosting, Running, and Connecting to Celo Nodes

This lesson covers how to connect to hosted nodes, run local or remote nodes, and operate a network validator within the Celo ecosystem.

Connect to Hosted Nodes

Run a Local or Remote Node

Run a Network Validator

:white_check_mark: Lesson 06: Cross-Chain Bridges, Oracles, and Mobile Identity

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to build cross-chain bridges, connect with oracles, and verify mobile identity on the Celo platform.

Connect with Cross-Chain Bridges

Connect with Oracles

Verify Mobile Identity

:white_check_mark: Lesson 07: Exploring Funding Options for Celo-Based Initiatives

This lesson introduces funding opportunities for Celo-based projects, including Celo Camp & Grants, Ecosystem Venture Fund, and Flori Ventures.

Celo Camp & Grants

Ecosystem Venture Fund

Flori Ventures

:white_check_mark: Lesson 08: Engaging with the Celo Community and Beyond

In this lesson, you’ll learn about engaging with the Celo community and events, explore Celo educational resources and documentation, and stay updated on Celo news and developments.

Engaging with the Celo Community and Events

Exploring Celo Educational Resources and Documentation

Staying updated on Celo News and Developments


The Celo Orientation aims to provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to embark on your Celo development journey. By understanding the basics of the Celo platform, mastering smart contract and dApp development, and familiarizing yourself with Celo’s tools and technologies, you’ll be well-prepared for more advanced Celo materials and resources. Remember that continuous learning and improvement are essential to success, so stay curious and keep exploring the exciting world of Celo development.

Note: Use the link below each tutorial to return to this syllabus at anytime. :link: :eyes: