Celo Governance Call 12

This video provides a summary of the transcript from the Celo Governance Call 12. The call focused on discussing Celo Governance Proposal 38 (CGP38) and exploring ways to invigorate the Celo network. Here is a breakdown of the key points discussed during the call:

Introduction and Call Etiquette

  • Participants are advised to mute themselves when not speaking to minimize background noise.
  • Raising hands will be used to facilitate conversations and allow participants to contribute.

Overview of CGP38

  • The call facilitator introduces CGP38, which proposes open-source collaboration on the Celo chain.
  • The proposal aims to generate more activity on the core level and improve the application building experience.
  • Emerging markets face barriers to entry, such as language, access to technology, and programming knowledge.
  • Engaging university students in emerging markets and inspiring them to interact with Celo technology is crucial for adoption and growth.

Focus Areas and Community Feedback

  • The discussion synthesizes community feedback into four areas of focus.
  • The first focus area is the OpenS Come Work on Your Chain proposal, which encourages developers to build on Celo and fork existing code.
  • The second focus is on creating a supportive environment for university students to experiment and build with Celo.
  • The third focus is on Brazil’s potential impact and the leading role it plays in the Latin American crypto ecosystem.
  • The fourth focus revolves around funding academic research on stablecoins, particularly algorithmic stablecoins.

Multi-Signature Treasury Allocation and Compensation

  • The call introduces a strong cryptographer who is working on a startup and is part of the multi-signature (multi-sig) group.
  • Feedback from the multi-sig group will be solicited to determine how funds have been allocated and whether to continue funding projects.
  • Compensation for the multi-sig group is capped at 30 hours per week, with a split of $100 per week per person.
  • The intention is to be lean and minimize overhead by leveraging a law firm experienced in setting up grant programs.

Engaging the Broader Community

  • Participants discuss how the broader community can support the funding and interact with the fund.
  • The fund aims to be a fast-deploying capital avenue, allowing for rapid iteration and focus on community-driven projects.
  • Building bridges of communication and creating connections with regional representatives is vital for effective support and fund allocation.

Marketing Challenges and Optics

  • The importance of marketing and community-building efforts is emphasized.
  • The goal is to create a strong foundation of crypto-savvy individuals aligned with Celo’s mission.
  • Challenges related to funding from the Ethereum Foundation and the need for more boots-on-the-ground projects are discussed.
  • The focus is on using the community treasury to support public goods and benefit projects.

Velo and Deepak’s Feedback

  • The discussion highlights the Velo OST proposal, which generated considerable discussion and feedback.
  • Participants are encouraged to review the forum post for more details and provide feedback.
  • The proposal will be updated based on feedback, including input from Deepak regarding the cap and flexibility of compensation.