Celo Governance Call #3


The third Celo governance call took place, covering various topics related to proposals and updates. The agenda for the call included discussions on CIP 33, CVP 14, CVP 16, CVP 18, CVP 17, CVP 15, and contract release updates.

CIP 33: Celo Euro Proposal

Nadine provided an overview of CIP 33, which focuses on the addition of Celo Euro as a stable asset to the Celo ecosystem. The proposal aims to extend the platform’s stable asset options and pave the way for future additions. Two approaches were considered: an independent mental unit or a canonical extension. The decision was made to add an independent mental unit, involving duplicating key objects in the registry contracts. The implementation changes and contract deployment were discussed.

Questions and Considerations

During the discussion of CIP 33, several questions were raised regarding reaching an equilibrium, scalability, direct stable asset swaps, and transparency of oracles. The complexity of the proposal and potential future additions were also addressed.

Funding and Reward System

The governance call introduced a change in funding proposals. Instead of relying on community votes for every reward, it was proposed to fund a lump sum initially through a multisig, representing the community’s interests. The plan was to experiment and gather insights, which would be shared with the community. The parameters for rewards and communication cadence were discussed.

CVP 16 and CVP 18 Updates

Updates were provided on CVP 16 and CVP 18 proposals. CVP 16 aimed to extend the duration of the referendum stage for voting on proposals, while CVP 18 focused on reducing the quorum required for voting. The timeline for submitting these proposals was adjusted, and their impact on governance and voting was discussed.

CIP 15: Attestation Expiry Update

CIP 15 aimed to increase the expiration duration for attestation requests. This would allow users to set their own limits and improve the messaging system to indicate the expiration time. The implementation details were discussed, including the length of SMS messages and upcoming changes to the attestation system.

Contract Release Updates

The latest contract release, Release 2, was discussed. It included fixes and improvements based on the previous incident report. The audit process and testing were ongoing, with the goal of submitting the proposal on the Baklava network. The release notes and upcoming steps were highlighted.


The Celo governance call addressed multiple proposals and updates, including the addition of Celo Euro, funding and reward systems, attestation expiry, and contract release improvements. Discussions and questions from the community were encouraged, ensuring transparency and participation in the governance process.