Celo Kuneco Community All-Hands (Feb 18, 2021)

Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

The Celo Kuneco Community All-Hands meeting took place on February 18, 2021. The event began with live music and an invitation for attendees to enjoy their favorite coffee or drink. The organizers welcomed everyone and expressed gratitude for their presence. The number of attendees was steadily increasing, reaching around 160 participants.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

The speakers emphasized the importance of embracing diversity and plurality in the world’s cultures and talents. They highlighted the need to break away from the current system inherited from previous generations. The goal was to respect and empower individuals from different backgrounds and ensure their full expression.

Bringing Web3 to Disenfranchised Communities

The focus of the event was on bringing the benefits of Web3 to disenfranchised communities. With hundreds of millions of people joining the mobile phone world, particularly those who are secluded and disenfranchised, the opportunity arises to introduce Web3 in a medium they can interact with. The aim is to provide access to a market waiting for Web3 and to empower those who only have mobile phones.

Funding Entrepreneurs and Usability Improvements

The event highlighted the funding of entrepreneurs who are building in the Web3 space. There was a discussion about making decentralized finance (DeFi) more usable and designing better patterns for DeFi products. The goal is to bring these radical experiments happening on the fringes of the DeFi ecosystem to the market in a more accessible and concrete manner. Mobile-first development and improved design were emphasized.

Real-Time Blockchain Transactions and Financial Inclusion

A live demonstration showcased a real-time blockchain transaction on the Celo network. The speed and efficiency of the transaction were highlighted, along with its potential for financial inclusion. The importance of building a robust ecosystem of financial products was emphasized to enable millions of unbanked individuals to borrow, invest, and access financial services directly from their mobile phones.

Q&A and Future Plans

During the Q&A session, various topics were addressed, including governance, market strategies, and the potential integration of UniSwap on Celo. The speakers encouraged attendees to join the Discord community for more updates and discussions.

Use Cases and Impact

Different speakers presented their projects and the impact they were making. These projects included a cryptocurrency payment gateway solution for businesses in Africa, a platform enabling gig workers to access financial services, and a seamless payment experience using decentralized currencies for global transactions. The emphasis was on user-centric design, problem-solving, and building a better future.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The event concluded with an invitation to join the ongoing hackathon and explore opportunities to develop ideas on the Celo blockchain. The importance of good energy, engaging in discussions on Discord, and participating in the Celo community was emphasized. Attendees were encouraged to continue their exploration of Celo’s blockchain and its potential for positive change.