Celo Sage Guidelines and Best Practices: Proposals, Educators, Reivewers, and Ambassadors

Celo Academy: Our Goals

At Celo Academy, our mission is to empower individuals interested in the Celo developer ecosystem by providing a growth-oriented platform that fosters learning and collaboration. Our ultimate goal is to shape a new generation of developers and contributors through education and mutual cooperation. For a detailed overview of our objectives and the steps we are undertaking to achieve them, check out our post here: Introducing Celo Academy.

The Significance of Guidelines

The guidelines we’re focusing on today are instrumental in realizing our mission. These standards provide a framework that ensures quality, consistency, and rewarding interactions on our platform, making each contribution impactful.

Community Expectations

We view our community as a collaborative and respectful environment, where every member plays a crucial role. We have, therefore, established clear guidelines for communication and contribution, reflecting our commitment to maintaining harmony and productivity. You can review these guidelines here: Community Communication & Contribution Guidelines.

Guidelines Per Role

  • Proposals: Proposals not adhering to our proposal guidelines will be flagged by our moderators for further review, ensuring the quality and relevance of our content.
  • Educators: Prior to submitting your work for review, verify that it aligns with our tutorial guidelines. This will streamline the review process and maintain a consistent educational standard.
  • Reviewers: Your role is crucial for upholding our content quality. Ensure that the content meets the review guidelines before publication. If any discrepancies are noted, revert the content back to the educator with a note for necessary amendments.
  • Ambassadors: You hold the final responsibility for confirming that all guidelines are met before publication. Your thorough verification safeguards our community’s content quality.

Moderation Process

If content doesn’t align with our guidelines, revert it to its previous status, provide a note, and tag @moderators. This process raises the content for flagging consideration, assisting us in maintaining a high standard and transparent communication within our community.

A Final Note

Every role significantly contributes to our community. Together, we can uphold our guidelines and enhance our community. Your cooperation and dedication to maintaining our community’s quality are highly appreciated.

Let’s continue to strive for excellence together, and make Celo Academy a beacon of learning in the Celo developer ecosystem.