Celo Sage Payments and KYC

Introduction to the Payments Process

To accept payments as a Celo Sage, you’ll follow an invoicing and KYC process that ensures we can pay you in a timely manner for each of your contributions. Please start this process as soon as possible to ensure you can receive payments as a member of the Celo Sage program.

Note: For any Payments or KYC-related concerns, please direct your questions to accountspayable@celo.org. The team will respond within a few working days.

To Accept Payments for your Contributions

Review Agreement

Review the Celo Sage Participation Agreement

Send Beneficiary Address

-Reply all and confirm one beneficiary Celo address in your Celo Sage Payments and KYC email. If reading this in the forum send an email with this information and include celosagebills@celo.org, celosage@celo.org, and joe.nyzio@celo.org

IMPORTANT: When providing a wallet address, please use a Valora, Celo Wallet, Celo Terminal, or other self-custody option (like Ledger). Do not use a CEX wallet like Binance or other exchanges for receiving grants or invoice payments.

Sign up for Request.Network

Create an account with Request.Network using this link and submit an invoice for the project reward amount. Learn more.

Note: The Request.Net link above pre-populates your invoice with Non-US details.

Make Sure the Invoice is addressed to celosagebills@celo.org

Add our applicable Company details under the Billed To section:

For US-registered entities

  • Celo Foundation
  • 500 Treat Ave.
  • San Francisco, CA 94110

For Non-US registered entities

  • AP Grant Foundation Company
  • PO Box 448
  • George Town
  • Grand Cayman, KY1-1106
  • Cayman Islands
  • For the Invoice Currency: please ensure that the cUSD option is selected.
  • Add invoice tags: located towards the bottom, input a tag named Celo_Sage

For your invoice you must provide a W-8BEN (non-US individual), W-8BEN-E (non-US institution), or W9 form (US individual). Official government ID is required for verification. Both documents can be included as an additional attachment in Request.network. If you need help filling this out, check[ this]
(Guide_On_Completing_W-8BEN_.pdf - Google Drive) or this :slight_smile:

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Lastly, please complete the Celo Sage Due Diligence Questionnaire

Payment timing

Both the documents (bill + W8/W9) and Due Diligence Questionnaire for KYC and approval are required as soon as possible for finance to be able to process the payout. KYC is only required once every 6 months and for future submissions, you may skip the Due Diligence Questionnaire. On completion, please allow us 4-6 weeks to process your first payout and 1-2 weeks for future payouts.

Additional Information

In some cases we will need to reach out for additional information. If more information is required, you will receive an additional KYC link (needs to be accessed on a phone) to complete.