Celo Sage Transition to Celo Academy: Navigating the Change Together


We’re excited to introduce a new chapter in our creative journey, as we transition from Trello and Celo Docs to Celo Academy. We understand the importance of a seamless transition and have designed this guide to help you navigate this change with ease. Let’s dive into the key elements of this process and ensure a successful migration for all contributors to the Academy.

Introducing Celo Academy: Your Pathway to the Celo Developer Ecosystem

Celo Sage: Joining and Account Setup

As part of this transition, all Celo Sages are asked to join Celo Academy and set up an account to continue with the Celo Sage program. Your assigned projects and tutorials will be available within 48-72 hours.

View Celo Sage Program for more details.

Migrating Tutorials and Projects

We’ve taken care of migrating all tutorials from Celo Docs to Celo Academy, and all new requests and backlog items have been moved as well. Each topic has been assigned to the relevant Celo Sage who has joined Celo Academy. Within the next few weeks, all tutorials in the Docs will be removed and any links will instead point to Celo Academy.

Celo Documentation Tutorials | Sunsetting

Celo Academy Tutorials | New location

Celo Docs: Addressing the Overflow

As the number of tutorials on Celo Docs grew, it became evident that a new platform was necessary to manage them more effectively. With the migration to Celo Academy, we aim to provide a better experience for Sages and Celo Developers. Although we’ve taken care of moving all completed tutorials and assigning them to their creators, there are still some unresolved issues, such as images and text formatting. We kindly ask each Sage to help clean up their respective tutorials.

Thinks to look out for:

  • Upload tutorial images used in docs to Celo Academy
  • Look out for code strings that have updated @celo to @celo_academy when installing packages

Trello Board: A Gradual Shift

While Trello has been a valuable tool for collaboration, Celo Academy offers more features to improve moderation, organization, and recognition of contributions. As we gradually sunset the Trello Board, we’ll continue to manage cards in the Todo, In Progress, Review, Publish, and Done columns on Trello to minimize disruption. All future projects will be managed within Celo Academy. For any boards managed in the Trello board, please also continue to use the Celo Docs. Your tutorials will be migrated after they are published.

Celo Sage Roadmap on Trello | Sunsetting

Celo Academy Proposals | New location

Managing Proposals in Celo Academy

In an effort to streamline our processes and foster greater community engagement, we’re implementing a new approach to managing tutorial proposals. While we previously solely managed new requests and backlogs by approving them on a weekly basis, we are now opening up new proposals for community input prior to approval. Our role will continue to involve managing the backlog and completing approvals weekly, but with new indicators to determine which tutorials get the green light.

In order of importance, these indicators include:

Note: Approximately 10-20 tutorials will be approved each week. Given the high volume of requests, you can follow the guidelines above to improve the chance of acceptance for your tutorials.

This shift aims to create a more collaborative and dynamic environment within the Celo community and ensure that there is no single community member that has full control of the approval process.

Next Steps for Celo Sages

Visit our tutorials and proposals to ensure your new requests, backlog, and published tutorials have been migrated and assigned. If you haven’t joined Celo Academy yet, create an account, and your items will be assigned accordingly.

Have any questions?

If you encounter any issues, please join the discussion and ask questions in Celo Academy at Discussion > Sage or #celo-sage in the Celo Discord for assistance.

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Conclusion: Embrace the Change, Reap the Benefits

This transition marks an exciting new phase for the Celo Sage program. By embracing Celo Academy, we’re confident that you’ll find a more streamlined, organized, and rewarding experience. We’re here to support you every step of the way and look forward to witnessing your continued contributions to the Academy.