Celo Tech Talk - Building Celo Ecosystem and Community


Hello everyone! Thank you all for joining me today. I’m Judy Piper, one of the engineers at Sea Labs and the host of the Celo Tech Talk series. Celo is a mobile-first, full-stack blockchain platform with the mission to build a financial system that creates prosperity for everyone. In this tutorial, we will explore the highlights of a Celo Tech Talk session focused on building the Celo ecosystem and community.

Panelist Introductions

Before we dive into the panel discussion and Q&A session, let’s get to know our panelists and their roles in the Celo ecosystem. Here are their introductions:

  1. Anka - Anka has been with Sea Labs for over two and a half years and previously worked at the World Bank. She was introduced to the team by Anna, one of the first engineers working on Celo.
  2. Adriana - Adriana fosters the Celo community and learned about Celo through the Prosper Retreat, a gathering that brought people together to connect and bring Celo’s mission to life.
  3. Vanessa - Vanessa has been working on Celo for about three years and has a background in fintech and social impact. She joined Celo to empower people through financial inclusion.
  4. Lorisha - Lorisha is engaged in Celo projects in Nigeria and works closely with the Celo community there.

Community Tenants and Impact

The Celo community is guided by four key community tenants that shape their actions and initiatives. These tenants are:

  1. Openness: Celo aims to give access to financial inclusion to those who need it most.
  2. Designing for All: The community focuses on designing solutions for people who face real-world problems.
  3. Striving for Beauty: Celo values creating aesthetically pleasing and inspiring solutions.
  4. Humility: The community maintains a humble approach and acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of Celo’s ecosystem.

These tenants are brought to life through events like the Celo Tech Talk series and the Koneko events, which celebrate the Celo ecosystem and its impact.

Importance of Financial Inclusion

Working on financial inclusion projects like Celo is important to the panelists for various reasons. Here are some of their perspectives:

  • Vanessa: Vanessa believes that financial inclusion empowers people, giving them agency and control over their lives. It allows individuals to have more choices and opportunities for prosperity.
  • Adriana: Adriana sees financial inclusion as an opportunity to impact one another positively within a larger system. By giving people the means to create and have agency, financial inclusion can lead to more and better experiences.
  • Anka: Anka views financial inclusion as a way to recognize one’s privilege and share it with others. It provides an opportunity to create financial building blocks and achieve the full potential of the mission.

Engaging with the Celo Community

The Celo community is diverse and extends across different countries and regions. To engage with the Celo community, you can join the Celo Discord channel, participate in events like Koneko, or explore Celo projects such as Velora.


Building the Celo ecosystem and community is crucial for achieving Celo’s mission of financial inclusion and creating prosperity for all. By embracing the community tenants, fostering collaboration, and empowering individuals, Celo continues to make a significant impact in the world of blockchain and finance.

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