Closing Keynote Future of Celo Looking Ahead

Introduction and Gratitude

The speaker expresses gratitude to the audience, acknowledging the exceptional experience of the event and thanking the events team for their efforts. The venue, food, and music are praised, highlighting the co-creation and amazing experiences facilitated by the community.

Reflecting on Personal Stories

The speaker shares personal stories to illustrate the impact of tokens and cryptocurrencies. They recall receiving a coin as a child, which symbolized a ticket to a better world, even though it had little monetary value. They also mention receiving their first bitcoin from Brian Armstrong, comparing it to the childhood coin and emphasizing the transformative power of such tokens.

Building a Better World

The speaker highlights the reasons why the world being created by the Celo community is desirable. They mention the seamless onboarding process, eliminating barriers for cross-border money transfers, reducing fees, empowering creators, and enabling sustainable practices in various sectors. The speaker acknowledges the multitude of reasons shared during the event that contribute to building a better world.

Inspiration from “Ministry of the Future”

The speaker references the book “Ministry of the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson, which explores a future world and the concept of a carbon coin backed by central banks. They note that the book inspired hope and made the challenges of climate change less abstract. They remark on the progress already made within the Celo community in creating an entirely new financial system, emphasizing the underestimated potential of human achievement.

Highlights of Celo’s Progress

The speaker acknowledges the efforts of various projects within the Celo ecosystem. They mention the Fiat Connect and Connected World programs, which aim to enhance onboarding experiences worldwide. They also celebrate Toucan’s decision to move to Celo and integrate voluntary carbon credits on-chain. The speaker applauds other initiatives like Prime DAO, Plumo, SelloScan, and the integration with Wormhole Layer Zero and Ledger Live.

Building Together and Empowering Others

The speaker encourages the community to continue building and collaborating. They recognize the power of having different building blocks and open opportunities for others to create their dream ventures. They emphasize the role of individuals in telling the Celo story and bringing more people into the space, reminding everyone that Celo is a collective effort.

Conclusion and Call to Action

The speaker expresses excitement for the future of Celo and the collective effort to build it. They encourage the audience to continue sharing stories, attending events like Celo Connect and hackathons, and appreciating the power of physical gatherings. The speech concludes with a toast to an incredible year ahead and gratitude to all participants for making the event possible.