Community Announcements | Kuneco April 2021

Community Appreciation Gifts

Nam from Sea Labs announces the community appreciation gifts. The community passed CGP 20, allowing the distribution of funds to individuals who have made significant contributions. These gifts are separate from investments made by the various funds and are intended to show appreciation to community members. Nominations for deserving individuals can be submitted, and the gifts will be disbursed monthly. The first set of recipients is announced, including Thundercloud 777, recognized for their contributions to managing the Seller Platform Telegram channel, Will Craft Yaz, who documented community calls and proposed governance templates, Zuad, a valued member who assists with staking and answering questions, and Aaron Boyd, an incredibly helpful member on Discord.

Flurry: Investing in Founders Building on Celo

Maria Alegre introduces Flurry, a platform focused on investing in and partnering with early-stage founders building on Celo. She shares her personal journey and the importance of a founder community in her own experiences. Flurry aims to invest $50,000 to $100,000 in seed-stage companies on Celo, fostering long-lasting relationships and partnerships to support founders’ growth and success. Through collaboration, Flurry intends to amplify the mission of enabling prosperity for all. More details about Flurry will be shared in the coming months, and founders can reach out to Maria Alegre at Bringing Wrapped Assets to Celo

Mason, the CEO of Tokensoft, introduces, a collaboration between Anchorage and Tokensoft that brings wrapped assets to blockchains. They launched wrapped Celo and wrapped Celo Dollar on the Ethereum blockchain in December. This summer, they plan to bring assets like cBTC and cETH to the Celo blockchain, expanding the ecosystem and providing more ways to interact with cryptocurrencies. For more information, contact

Celo Camp: Accelerating Decentralized Startups

Rachel Jacob, Program Manager at Celo Camp, discusses the Celo Camp program, an eight-week virtual acceleration program supporting decentralized technology startups building on Celo. The program is open to startups at any stage, offering benefits such as cash prizes, fast-track access to Celo grants, exposure to investment opportunities, and mentorship from top-tier mentors. Celo Camp Batch 4 will be coming in September 2021, and applications can be submitted on the Celo Camp website. The current batch’s demo day, known as the Idea Fair, will be held on May 25th at 8 am PT.

Celo Foundation Grants Program

Kevin, Grants Program Lead for the Celo Foundation, provides an update on the Celo Foundation Grants Program. Over the past year, the program has seen significant growth, with multiple grant waves supporting various projects. The program focuses on lowering barriers for developers, strengthening and supporting the Celo protocol, educating and expanding the Celo community, and increasing access and impact. Wave 4 of the Celo Grants will be launched soon, and the guidelines and submission links will be shared on April 30th. Interested individuals can fill out the grant interest form and find more information in the grant kit on the Celo website.


These community announcements highlight the appreciation for contributors, opportunities for funding and partnership, and initiatives aimed at accelerating decentralized startups on the Celo platform. Whether it’s recognizing community members, investing in founders, bringing wrapped assets to Celo, or supporting projects through grants and acceleration programs, the Celo ecosystem continues to grow and thrive with the active participation of its community members. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments within the Celo community.