Community Call - Optics Recovery Mode 11/22/2021


The community call aimed to provide a recap of the events surrounding Optics Recovery Mode and offer a better understanding of the situation. The goal was to baseline everyone’s knowledge and address any questions or concerns from attendees. The community’s input was crucial in determining the future of Optics.


Optics was discovered to be in recovery mode, which is an unusual state for the project. Recovery mode was implemented as a precautionary measure in case any bugs or issues occurred during the development phase. However, it was not expected to be activated, and the reasons behind its activation were unclear.

Investigation and Information

Efforts were made to investigate and gather more information about the situation. The individuals involved in the deployment of Optics were contacted, but no concrete answers were obtained regarding why Optics ended up in recovery mode. It was emphasized that there was no evidence suggesting any loss of funds or imminent danger to users’ assets.

Options for Moving Forward

Two potential paths were discussed during the call:

  1. Migrating to a New Deployment: One option was to transition to a new deployment of Optics. This would involve a proper audit of the deployment process to ensure transparency and community trust. The community’s involvement, such as deploying watch agents, was encouraged to enhance security and provide a decentralized approach.
  2. Addressing Governance and Control: Another aspect that needed attention was the governance and control of Optics. The need for broader community buy-in, clarification on the involvement of the Optics team, and the establishment of a trusted bridging team were important considerations.

Ensuring Fund Safety

The safety of users’ funds was a key concern. It was essential to communicate the difference between the situation before and after Optics entered recovery mode. The community needed accurate information to make informed decisions regarding their holdings in Optics.

Q&A and Discussion

Throughout the call, participants raised various questions and provided feedback. The discussion covered topics such as risk tolerance, decentralized oracle setups, and the role of the reserve and community in mitigating potential risks. The importance of ongoing communication and collaboration via platforms like Discord and Twitter was emphasized.


The community call shed light on the Optics Recovery Mode situation and presented possible courses of action. The transparency and active involvement of the community were crucial in determining the future direction of Optics. Continued discussions, posting questions on the community-owned Optics thread, and staying informed through various communication channels were encouraged.