Configure Embark to connect to the Celo network and interact with smart contracts: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

In this tutorial, targeted at beginners looking forward to start building powerful decentralized applications using the embark framework, you will learn how to install embark and configure the celo network connection on your devices and of course testing our configuration. We shall also discuss how to interect with smart contracts utilizing the Embark’s web3.js library.
At the end of this tutorial, you will be well-equipped to continue developing your decentralized applications on the Celo blockchain using Embark’s comprehensive toolset.

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Whats Embark? Please add it to your description to further guide us in voting. Thanks

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Hi @9Manueldre22,
Your proposal is quite similar to a couple of tutorials listed below. Consider reviewing your proposal.

These are just a few of them. Please endeavor to do a few searches before sending your proposal.