Creating a Celo-Based Decentralized eSports Platform(Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our tutorial series on creating a Celo-based decentralized eSports platform. If you haven’t yet read part one, you can catch up here. In this segment, we’ll be expanding on our existing knowledge and introducing new, exciting features to our platform:

  1. User Authentication: We will add a new feature that allows users to create an account and authenticate. This layer of security will ensure that only authenticated users have the privilege to create and update matches, making our platform more secure and personalized.
  2. Optimizing Contract Interactions: We will revisit and refine our smart contract, making it more efficient and interactive. This may involve restructuring our functions, refining our data types, or other optimizations.
  3. Add to Favourites: We will enable users to add certain matches to a ‘Favourites’ list, providing quick and easy access to the content they care about most.
  4. Mobile Development: We will continue refining and expanding our front-end to provide an intuitive and smooth user experience. Part of this process would be building new screens to implement the new features.
  5. Search Functionality: To enhance user experience further, we will incorporate a search function that allows users to look up matches within the platform easily. This eliminates the need to manually scroll through lists, making navigation more efficient.

I once had this kind of tutorial in mind but there hasn’t been enough time to implement it, looking forward to your work!


Nice one @Qtech ,

Part 1 was ok when I checked. Looking forward to this part.


Nice overview. I have checked part 1 out. Looking forward to the development.


Your tutorial proposal for Celo blockchain is exceptional. It can equip learners with the necessary skills to succeed in the decentralized future.

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