Delightful Product & DAO Design

Introduction to DAO Design

In this section, we will provide an overview of DAO design and its relevance for both existing and new organizations. We will discuss the importance of understanding the value of individual work and the transition from traditional full-time jobs to freelance commitments. Work should be meaningful and fulfilling, and designing organizations with this perspective is crucial.

Designing Flexible Organizations

Flexibility is a key aspect of successful organizational design, whether it’s for a product or a DAO. Understanding how humans behave and making hypotheses about their needs and motivations is essential. Designing collectively can lead to meaningful work and delightful experiences. We will explore the concept of designing delightful activities and meaningful work, without relying solely on incentives.

Transparency and Financial Considerations

Transparency plays a significant role in DAO design. Being transparent about work processes, responsibilities, and financial aspects can foster a positive and inclusive environment. However, it’s essential to respect individuals’ privacy and allow them to decide what they want to share. While web3 tools offer secure methods for transparency, the focus should be on solving more immediate challenges related to sustainable organizations.

Sustainable Business and Governance

Creating sustainable organizations is crucial for long-term success. Recurring projects can provide stability and allow for compensation renegotiation, team onboarding, and individual pride in specific work. Soft governance, consent-based decisions, and tools like snapshot enable efficient decision-making processes. We will discuss the benefits of focusing on soft governance and consent-based decision-making, and how it can improve organizational quality.

Design Thinking for DAOs

Design thinking principles can be applied to DAO design to enhance user experiences and facilitate smooth operations. Using tools like Typeform and Zapier, you can create interfaces and automate processes without the need for extensive programming knowledge. We will explore how these tools can be utilized for onboarding, data collection, finance, and project management within a DAO.

Recommended Tools for DAO Design

In this section, we will recommend various tools that can assist in DAO design and management. Discord, Typeform, Google Sheets, Asana, and Notion are some of the tools that can be used to streamline communication, project management, finance, and documentation. We encourage you to explore these tools and experiment with them to find the right fit for your DAO’s needs.


Designing delightful products and DAOs requires a deep understanding of human behavior and a focus on meaningful work. By prioritizing transparency, sustainable practices, and efficient governance, you can create engaging and successful organizations. Embracing design thinking and utilizing the recommended tools will further enhance the user experience and streamline operations within your DAO. Thank you for your interest in design and happy designing!